The International 2015: players’ predictions


European qualifiers of The International 2015 will soon begin! This is the event which is much waited by many Dota 2 fans. On the eve of the grandiose qualifiers we made an experiment. You all know that you can make predictions of the upcoming matches in Compendium. We decided to ask professional players and casters to make their own predictions.

Ukraine Na`Vi.DendiBelarus PR.j4Ukraine VP.DkPhobos and Russian Federation SLTV|GodHunt shared their predictions for the matches of European qualifiers. Their opinions were the same on some questions, while they were absolutely different on other questions. Read the answers and write in the comments if you agree with the opinion of pro players.


— The earliest kill of Roshan (before/ after the beginning of the game)?

  • Ukraine Na`Vi.Dendi: After the beginning. He'll die on the tenth minute
  • Belarus PR.j4: Before the beginning
  • Ukraine VP.DkPhobos: Before the beginning
  • Russian Federation SLTV|GodHunt: After the beginning

— Will the Aegis of the Immortal be stolen?

  • Ukraine Na`Vi.Dendi: I'll steal it!
  • Belarus PR.j4: Yes
  • Ukraine VP.DkPhobos: No
  • Russian Federation SLTV|GodHunt: Yes


— Hero with the greatest quantity of kills?

  • Ukraine Na`Vi.Dendi: Queen of Pain Queen of Pain
  • Belarus PR.j4: Queen of Pain Queen of Pain or Gyrocopter Gyrocopter
  • Ukraine VP.DkPhobos: Leshrac Leshrac
  • Russian Federation SLTV|GodHunt: Storm Spirit Storm Spirit

— Hero with the greatest quantity of deaths?

  • Ukraine Na`Vi.Dendi: Ancient Apparition Ancient Apparition
  • Belarus PR.j4: Shadow Demon Shadow Demon
  • Ukraine VP.DkPhobos: Io Io
  • Russian Federation SLTV|GodHunt: Vengeful Spirit Vengeful Spirit

— Hero with the greatest quantity of gold per minute?

  • Ukraine Na`Vi.Dendi: Alchemist Alchemist
  • Belarus PR.j4: Alchemist Alchemist
  • Ukraine DkPhobos: Alchemist Alchemist
  • Russian Federation SLTV|GodHunt: Alchemist Alchemist



— Which hero will kill the greatest quantity of creeps?

  • Ukraine Na`Vi.Dendi: Naga Siren Naga Siren, Anti-Mage Anti-Mage, Phantom Lancer Phantom Lancer — one of the three
  • Belarus PR.j4: Gyrocopter Gyrocopter
  • Ukraine DkPhobos: Leshrac Leshrac
  • Russian Federation SLTV|GodHunt: Anti-Mage Anti-Mage

— The most picked hero?

  • Ukraine Na`Vi.Dendi: Undying Undying
  • Belarus PR.j4: Dark Seer Dark Seer
  • Ukraine VP.DkPhobos: Leshrac Leshrac
  • Russian Federation SLTV|GodHunt: Gyrocopter Gyrocopter


— The most banned hero?

  • Ukraine Na`Vi.Dendi: Queen of Pain Queen of Pain
  • Belarus PR.j4: Io Io
  • Ukraine VP.DkPhobos: Gyrocopter Gyrocopter
  • Russian Federation SLTV|GodHunt: Io Io

— How long will the longest game last?

  • Ukraine Na`Vi.Dendi: 70 minutes
  • Belarus PR.j4: 61-70 minutes
  • Ukraine VP.DkPhobos: 50+
  • Russian Federation SLTV|GodHunt: 100


— How long will the shortest game last?

  • Ukraine Na`Vi.Dendi: 15 minutes
  • Belarus PR.j4: 13-16 minutes
  • Ukraine VP.DkPhobos: 15
  • Russian Federation SLTV|GodHunt: 18

— The latest first blood?

  • Ukraine Na`Vi.Dendi: 9 minutes
  • Belarus PR.j4: 9-11
  • Ukraine VP.DkPhobos: 8
  • Russian Federation SLTV|GodHunt: 15
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