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Console eSport experiences a stage of the active development in the North American region. The tournaments for such games as Call of Duty and Halo are gathering large numbers of viewers and definitely look solid even in comparison with PC games competitions. This and a lot more will be discussed in details in the following article.


About console games market

Before discussing the variety of console disciplines, it would be right to note that console games themselves are dominating on the world videogames market, especially in such countries as North America and Japan. However, many people believe that a mobile games industry will get ahead and become more profitable in a few years, and these opinions are quite well-based. Consoles stopped being a gaming platform exclusively many years ago. According to the statistic, one third of Xbox One users choose the consol to surf the Internet, whereas more than one half uses it to watch live broadcasts and streams. The popularity of console video games has been achieved because of how comfortable and multifunctional they are: console owners don’t need to upgrade the system or synchronize the device with the PC. Moreover, such games are easily accessible and do not require additional settings. And even if the game requires installation, the process is usually very basic. Practically, consoles are mostly used for home entertainment (playing games, watching movies, listening to music, Internet surfing, photos etc.), whereas PC is needed exclusively for work. Thus, the users prefer to link their consoles to their home media centers, somewhere near the TV or the stereo system. 
There is another advantage for those who like to host parties and have the guests, and it is a multiplayer mode. They allow you to have fun and play different games while sitting on the comfortable sofa. This way, consoles have become an essential part of home parties. Nintendo is considered to be the company that has the best active mini-games, able to keep the guests' interest throughout the entire evening. 


Gabe Newell is associated with a man who is against the distribution of console videogames


So, all before-mentioned has given the consoles a foundation to develop and become more famous, but this type of eSports has actually been around for many years. For instance, Major League Gaming have regularly conducted Halo competitions since 2004. The tournaments like these traditionally gather huge number of young viewers, most of which are under the age of thirty-five. This fact obviously evokes the interest of potential sponsors and promoters. As a result, the consol eSport is developing at an increasing pace in those regions where consoles dominate over mobile and PC-games market. 




Halo is a well-known series of sci-fi games that unfortunately hasn't achieved the popularity in former USSR region. Maybe, its problens are concerned with the late release of the Xbox Live service or overall unpopularity of gaming consoles there. Anyway, Halo is famous in many other countries, especially in North America. In summer 2015, Microsoft announced that this game has been purchased 65 mln times. In 2010, Halo universe took first place in Guinness World Records book as the “best gaming series of all times”. Call of Duty and The Legend of Zelda placed second and third, accordingly.



This game has had its tournaments for a while and actually they are conducted quite often. For instance, Halo World Championship has been аnnounced recently, and its prize pool is already bigger than 1 000 000 $. Josh Holmes, the executive producer of this game, has said: “Halo has always been synonymous with online competition and was an originator in console eSports. With Halo 5: Guardians we are fully embracing that legacy with the biggest investment in Xbox eSports history”. Despite the fact that Halo scores its highest ratings in the New World, Europe hosts its own tournaments as well. EGL Battle of Europe 2015 held on 22 February in London is a great example of this. Its overall prize pool has reached 10 000 $, which is of course a lot less than US figures, but seems very solid as well. By the way, such International organizations as Evil Geniuses, Epsilon eSports and Cloud9 have already completed Halo lineups that take part in competitions of this kind.

Call of Duty


Unlike Halo, Call of Duty universe needs no introductions since it is very famous among eSports fans. Starting from its very first part that has met the deserved success among gamers and critics, games from Call of Duty series have been widely distributed and breaken new sales records each time. Statistic says that Activision has sold more than 175 mln copies of Call of Duty in these last 10 years.


eSports Call of Duty competitions are quite popular in North America. For example, since the 2007 release of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, this discipline is regularly included in MLG tournaments. Also, we can’t omit the annual Call of Duty Championship with a huge 1 000 000 $ prize pool. The biggest part of all competitions are conducted in USA, but they can also take place in Canada at times. UGC Niagara 2015, held in a Canadian city Niagara-Falls, Ontario is a bright example of this. Epsilon eSports has two CoD teams: European and North-American.



Battlefield is a well known first person shooter game series. Despite the fact that there were certain PC versions of this game, the participants of Battlefield tournaments mostly compete with consoles (Xbox and Playstation). The competitive scene of this game is far less exciting than the CoD one, but everything can still change in the future. After Battlefield 4 release, the developing studio has decided to turn the game into a full-fledged cyber discipline. “I see Battlefield 4 as a sport, something it hasn’t done before. So, making it a sport means working with big leagues, working with the community on it, working with players, see what they want. We’re bringing out spectator mode – very well sought after – the Domination game mode, and Defuse game mode. " In fact, the implementation of the game in eSports circles is the responsibility of ESL who have signed a partnership agreement with the game developers. 



Battlefield developers often position their game as a real competitive eSports discipline without casual aspect. For instance, Battlefield Hardline released in 2015 featured two special modes — “rescue” and “hotwire”. Developers are sure that both modes fit perfectly into the eSports discipline. By the way, the famous organization Fnatic has its own a Battlefield lineup.


Of course, the console eSport can be considered a bit specific or even not completely serious, but anyway it can’t stop being an eSport discipline because of those who are not used to it. The traditional eSports and consoles actually have more features in common than the one can think of: the tournaments are as great, the prize money is as solid, and the competitive spirit between players is as breathtaking as in the PC-disciplines that we all know. The slight difference is the way in which the gamer interacts with the game: the mouse and a keyboard or a joystick. All in all, we have mentioned a few key console disciplines, and (maybe you noticed!) omitted the category of fighting games, as this is the whole new topic that has already been discussed in a separate аrticle.


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