Riot Games: CIS League!


Yesterday we announced the launch of our League of Legends CIS team. Today we have another great news for our LoL fans! The Born to Win will participate in the main championship of the region - Continental League. The first matches will begin soon!


Riot Games made a very pleasant resent to the best CIS teams. Continental League (LCL) is planned to be launched in early 2016. This project has long been waited in the region. It is similar to European and NA LCS. The best teams and players, which have demonstrated their power and skill, will be able to participate in LCL. Starting from January 2016, eight best teams will encounter in a long uncompromising battle. The champion's cup and teach stage is about $ 61 200.
Apart from this, the organizers of the championship undertake to make everything possible for LCL to be most comfortable for he right to represent CIS region at international tournaments are at stake. The season 2016 will consist of 2 splits - Spring (January-April) and Summer (May-August). The prize pool of the players. Riot Games will pay money to all the professional players, participating in the league as well as official coaches of the teams. Apart from the payments for the pro players, the teams will obtain subsidies to rent gaming houses for accommodation and training.
Aleksey Kraynov, General Director Riot Games in Russia/CIS:
"We have received numerous requests from the players to establish our own LCS in the region ever since we opened Riot office in Moscow. The best teams, star players, the prestige of the competition and the access to the international arena are the inalienable aspects of such league. We are very excited to have an opportunity to offer this in the format official regional championship by Riot games to the professional players and fans. We hope that Continental league will set new standards for the eSports tournaments in the whole CIS region."


The basis of the participating teams are the veterans of StarSeries 2014-2015. It is notable that in 2016 a separate Starladder championship won't be held. Nevertheless Starladder will assist Riot in organizing and conducting the League of Pretenders, which will act as a link between Continental League and the most perspective teams in the CIS.



Most matches of the league will be played online. Each split will be followed by the LAN finals for the best teams, which succeeded on the battlefield.

Participants of the Spring split of Continental League

  • Ukraine Natus Vincere
  • Russian Federation Hard Random
  • Russian Federation Vaevictis eSports
  • Russian Federation Team differential
  • Russian Federation Team Empire
  • Russian Federation Vega Squadron
  • Russian Federation TORNADO ROX
  • Russian Federation Team Just.MSI


The first match of our CIS squad will be held on 16 January. The guys will encounter one of the best teams of the region Hard Random. Prepare to support the Born to Win!



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