Counter Pit League: New season


The number of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournaments is growing at an increasing pace. One month after the final of the Counter Pit League Season 1, its organizers The One Game Agency, announced another championship. 


The new season promises to be even more attractive in terms of the prize-pool, which must increase by $ 30 000 and reach 80 000 $. Another important novelty is that the best North American and Australian rosters will get a chance to participate in the tournament as well. Apart from that, the league organizers have already chosen the venue where the LAN-final part will be conducted. The competition will take place on 17–18 March at Spaladium Arena in Split, Croatia.  


The only thing we know at the moment is that the start of the group stage is scheduled for 9 November. By the way, the last season featured 12 European teams, and DenmarkTeam SoloMid took first place. 


The question is: will Spaladium Arena be able to gather enough viewers within the framework of CS:GO tournament? 



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