StormGrounds September coverage


StormGrounds Invitational isn't the largest tournament, however the top tier teams participate in it on a regular basis. It's all about reputation and prestige rather than prize pool or invitation to major tournaments. Our HotS squad was invited to September tournament. Will the Born to Win manage to repeat their July success?


Na`Vi didn't participate in the previous tournament at all. However, they had managed to reach the final and defeat their long-term rival Team Liquid (3-1) at StormGrounds July Invitational. This time we'll face two principal rivals — Team Liquid and Fnatic. Na`Vi will begin their way through the tournament on 8 September playing a match against Team ALTERNATE Fancy. 








— olympic system - single elimination;

— all matches until grand final — best of 3;
— grand final — best of 5.



0Spain Team Liquid
2International Bob Question Mark
3International Bob Question Mark
WinInternational Bob Question Mark
2International Bob Question Mark
1Poland Gamers2
1Russian Federation
2 Russian Federation
2International Fnatic
0International Fnatic
2International Team ALTERNATE
0Netherlands Mouse Control
0International Natus Vincere
2International Team ALTERNATE
2International Team ALTERNATE




Time (CEST) Match Match page
  Spain Team Liquid [0:2] International Bob Question Mark  
  Poland Gamers2 [1:2] Russian Federation  
  Russian Federation [1:2] International Bob Question Mark  
  International Natus Vincere [0:2] International Team ALTERNATE  
  International Fnatic [2:0]  Netherlands Mouse Control  
  International Fnatic [0:2] International Team ALTERNATE  
  International Bob Question Mark [3:2] International Team ALTERNATE  



International Natus Vincere: scHwimpi, ethernal, JayPL, Splendour, AlexTheProG;

Spain Team Liquid: Blackscorp, Falcon, GranPkt, LucifroN, VortiX;

International Team ALTERNATE Fancy: Crozzby, Devizz, Darkmok, Blumbi, KroLu;

Poland Gamers2: Leofromkorea, Nicker, Szychu, Jowe, Baczek;

International Bob Question Mark: Bakery, Atheroangel, Snitch, adrd, Zarmony;

Russian Federation AndyLendi, CEBKAJE, Kunichan, Unnstable, bkbgrnrjefek;

International Fnatic: Kesil, Lowell, Breez, Wubby, Mene;

Netherlands Mouse Control: SolidSMD,  Razilat,  Zynwin,  griskel,  g0belijn


Prize pool:

top 1 place — $ 1 000

top 2 place — $ 500



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