CS Classics: Na`Vi vs fnatic [IEM 2010]


Hello, dear Ukraine Na`Vi fans! We've created a new column to tell you about the greatest and the most memorable matches in Ukraine Natus Vincere history. For many of you it is a way to experience nostalgy, for some it's a lesson of history. Anyway, we hope, you'll enjoy it!


Our first article covers the match, which many people call a turning point in the history of both Born to Win and the CIS eSports. It wasn't until that match, that we believed that ordinary guys, with whom we'd played at one tournament, can become the best in the world. Yes, many of you must've already guest that we're describing the match over the champion's title, which was the first title of UkraineNa`Vi. It was CS 1.6 match at Intel Extreme Masters. Note that our team played this match against Swedenfnatic, a team, which was construed to be unsurpassable at the time, and which still holds top positions and enjoys the legendary status. The players of the team were: SwedenTHREAT, SwedencArn, Swedendsn, Swedenf0rest, SwedenGeT_RiGhT. Many fans deem this squad to be the best of all Swedenfnatic's CS1.6 squads. Surely the Swedes were considered to be the favorites of the match. UkraineNa`Vi was a "dark horse" at the moment. Few people thought the Ukrainians would be able to oppose the experience of Swedenfnatic.



de_train was the first map of the match. The Born to Win have been known for their extreme love to this map. They liked fighting against the most powerful rivals, since the map required profound knowledge of tactics. That's what UkraineNa`Vi liked about de_train.


From the very beginning, the Born to Win showed they could play against Sweden fnatic as equals. Their performance was great even when they played weak party. However. by the middle of the first half of battle UkraineNa`Vi begin losing rounds, which they seeming should've been winning, giving up to a phenomenal individual performance of the Swedes. Therefore UkraineNatus Vincere couldn't win at least 7 rounds and lost the first half 5:10.


Notwithstanding the fact that only 5 rounds remained for Sweden fnatic to win, the Ukrainians didn't lose their heart due to a flawless work of their manager UkraineAlexander "Zerogravity" Kohanovsky, who was constantly supporting the team. Maybe such support by the manager played key role. The players managed to catch up with their rivals playing for the stronger part, and even to overcome them, showing that the Ukrainians' individual performance doesn't fall behind that of the Swedes. The resulting score was 16:13! Ukraine's team won the first map!



After a number of give-aways from Intel and Alienware the game at second map of the final confrontation began. de_inferno could be decisive for UkraineNa`Vi, while it could give a chance to fight for the victory to the Swedes. UkraineNa`Vi began the game playing stronger part. They played much better compared to the previous map, but they still underperformed losing it 7:8.


The game was even more intensive in the second half of the map. Nobody wanted to lose and nobody wanted to give up the map. Fortunately, after a successful gun round UkraineNa`Vi managed to get ahead and even to enlarge the difference in scores. However, Swedenfnatic didn't want to give up inferno so easily. Powerfully defending, the Swedish team managed to even the score 14:14 and was eager to move on. However, Ukrainian shooters weren't going to give up. They played greatly two last rounds and managed to defeat the last year's champions - 16:14. Did Swedenfnatic deserve to win? Surely! However, that day UkraineNa`Vi was stronger. Perhaps, the Swedes would've won the other day. But this is sport. There's always a winner and a loser.



Soon the golden squad of Swedenfnatic underwent reshuffle. Two young talents SwedenGeT_RiGhT and Swedenf0rest  left the team. Now SwedencArn is the COO of Swedenfnatic, SwedenTHREAT recently broadcasted SLTV StarSeries S13, Swedendsn decided to leave eSports (he seldom plays with his friends at matchmaking). As concerns Cristofer and Patric, they played for a long time in the most prominent CS:GO team, but they have some hard period in their career. We are very sorry that such squad disbanded. The reason was the poor results and conflicts between the players.


As concerns UkraineNatus Vincere players, UkraineZeus, Ukrainestarix, UkraineEdward, Ukraineceh9 are still the part of the organization, some of them are players, starix is the manager and ceh9 is the caster. Ukraine Egor "markeloff" Markelov was the only player to leave the organization. He now plays in ambitious team UkraineFlipsid3 Tactics, which requires som time to become one of the best.



If you want to feel the atmosphere of the eSport feast, watch this awesome game:


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