CS Classics: Na`Vi vs mTw [WCG 2010]


The history of UkraineNatus Vincere’s Counter-Strike squad is full of wonderful memories and, no doubt, worth being remembered. In our today’s CS Classics episode we decided to recall a very intense match against DenmarkmTw in the grand-final of the main event of 2010 — World Cyber Games in Los-Angeles.  


Before talking about the match itself, let us remind you how it all began. 


The third world championship for the Ukrainian team, the third great title. At the beginning of the year they took part in Intel Extreme Masters supported by Intel and ESL, and won their first one. Having defeated Swedish team Swedenfnatic in the final stage, Na`Vi became the first Ukrainians to win the CS 1.6 world championship. But this was just the beginning. At the end of summer, they managed to clinch a win over  SwedenSK Gaming at ESWC 2010 in Paris to become double world champions.



World Cyber Games 2010 turned out to be quite sensational from the beginning: talented Russians Russian FederationMeet Your Makes have lost to ChinaTyLoo; the little-known team Spainbet4gamers has beaten famous Belorussians BelarusK29; and the previous year’s finalists SwedenSK Gaming have been defeated by Poles PolandFrag eXecutors. Neither of above mentioned teams, to everyone’s surprise, made it to the semi-finals.


UkraineNa`Vi, in their turn, haven’t lost a single match on their way to finals and managed to whitewash both of their strong opponents SwedenLions and Frag eXecutors with a 2:0 score. Such impressive performance confused the analysts, who were skeptical about Na`Vi`s grand-final results at first, and they started to doubt chances of another experienced team DenmarkmTw


Let's recall how this epic match went!



The first map chosen for this clash was de_inferno. As it was one of the best maps of Natus Vincere back then, most analysts predicted that they would win.


And they were right. Na`Vi looked extremely strong in the first half, with their opponents winning only 4 rounds in total. Judging by Danes’ facial expressions, they felt really confused. And little wonder, their preparation for the tournament was insanely meticulous. They analyzed every single move of our guys beforehand, noting every minute of their game.


The second half wasn’t different, as Mortal Teamwork once again couldn’t do anything at all. Unbreakable CT-side of Born to Win brought them a 16:8 win. 



De_tuskan was played next. As both teams had been known to be great on it, it was extremely difficult to predict who would show a better performance. The first half ended 9:6 in favor of Na`Vi on T-side, even despite Denmarkace's legendary Deagle kills. In the second half mTw decided to call a time-out and managed to do an almost impossible thing, winning 16:14 and equalizing the series 1:1.



The decider map — de_train — had to determine the winner. Yes, this map was favorable to Na`Vi, as it gave them a lot of space to make different tactical decisions and not just focus on shooting skills. However, mTw were strong in all apects. First half looked very similar to what we have seen before: Natus Vincere once again showed a great performance and won with the same score — 9:6


But then the second timeout was called, and Danes have got a chance to discuss some obvious mistakes and gather their thoughts. Na`Vi weren’t wasting their time either, and planned what they were going to show to clinch such a desirable victory. 


The second half turned out to be extremely close. mTw managed to tie the game 9:9, and later, when Natus Vincere once again took their lead, came back to 14:14. 30 rounds couldn`t decide the winner and we`ve got a chance to enjoy the game for a little longer. Overtimes!



The first overtime was unsuccessful for Na`Vi as well, as they had three match points, but were unable to finish the game. Nobody wanted to be defeated, and mTw step by step managed to tie 18:18


The second overtime was more one-sided, as our guys showed-off amazing skills, reaction and managed to find their game. They haven’t lost a single round and took a 22:18  win over their well-known opponents! 



Thus, Natus Vincere became triple world champions. In fact, none of CS 1.6 teams managed to get that high before. And even until now, many fans recall this match with pride and nostalgy.


As for the tournament itself, World Cyber Games is not conducted anymore despite being extremely awaited by all esports community. However, we hope that one day we will see our players at WCG again holding champions trophy in their hands!



Make yourself comfortable and enjoy this legendary match!




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