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We continue following the rankings of the best CS:GO teams of the world, compiled by hltv.org analysts, and keeping you up to date with everything that happens within the list. Yesterday, their top-20 was updated with the points earned by teams throughout October. The biggest impact, undoubtedly, was made by DreamHack Cluj-Napoca.


Thanks to the second place at this major-tournament,  UkraineNatus Vincere guys have earned quite a few points, but are still ranked fifth. By the way, this ranking includes all types of matches, but LAN-tournament progress means a lot more.


# Team
1 France EnVyUs
2 Denmark Team SoloMid
3 Sweden fnatic
4 Poland Virtus.pro
5 Ukraine Natus Vincere
6 Sweden NiP
7 International G2
8 United States Cloud9
9 Brazil Luminosity
10 United States CLG
11 France Titan
12 Denmarkdignitas
13 Germany mousesports
14 United States Liquid
15 UkraineFlipSid3
16 Bulgaria E-frag.net
17 Australia Renegades
18 Poland Vexed
19 Poland CSGL
20 AustraliaImmunity


Compared to the previous month ranking, the entire table has undergone some changes. One of the teams fell out of the ranking, and was replaced by a newcomer. Let’s see what we have now.


New "king of the hill"


In October we could witness a statistical race for the first place between  Denmark Team SoloMid and Swedenfnatic. The Danish five proved more stable and took the lead before DreamHack Cluj-Napoca. However, after five-day CS-marathon, both teams were left behind and replaced by the French team  FranceEnVyUs. Indeed, considering LAN-championship performance, FranceEnVyUs has surely been the most successful of all throughout these two months of fall. Their wins at DreamHack Open London, Gfinity Champions and DreamHack Cluj-Napoca  prove it out.


Current best team of the world

Natus Vincere position improvement. Most rapid rise


Thanks to the silver medal obtained at the Romanian tournament, our players have improved their positions and left their closest opponents  SwedenNiP far behind. Apart from that, they have managed to approach PolandVirtus.pro, closing a vast gap between the teams, and received quite high chances to take the lead with the wins at upcoming CEVO Professional Season 8


Fifth on the list, but more motivated than ever


The most impressive climb was made by BrazilLuminosity. The Brazilians gained 3 positions and finished ninth this month. There is no doubt that «FalleN» and his guys are one of the strongest overseas CS:GO teams right now.


Those who dropped and fell out


Denmarkdignitas and Germanymousesports dropped a few positions in the ranking this month. Both teams successfully passed the qualifying stage for the major, but couldn’t show decent plays there. Another reason for their loss of points, apart from DreamHack failure, is a relative lack of progress compared to other teams. The Germans have managed to challenge their opponents at times, but the Danish team lost in most cases.



In their best shape, dignitas could do a lot better


UkraineHellRaisers has unfortunately fallen out of rankings, despite being ranked 17th a month ago. For quite a while, the roster of the team has been undergoing serious changes, which may be one of the reasons for their loss streak. It is still uncertain who will become their fifth member.


The newcomer of this month’s ranking is the second strongest Australian team  AustraliaImmunity. Despite being weaker than their opponents, from Australia Renegades, they have already demonstrated their readiness to compete at the highest level. A 2:1 victory over United StatesCloud9 within the framework of Crown's Counter-Strike Invitationalis one of their most recent successful plays.


Will the Australians from Immunity keep their top-20 position?


*  *  *


We will observe the changes in the ranking of the best CS:GO teams of the world attentively and let you know when something interesting will happen! We truly hope that our team will be ranked even higher by the next time we’ll post the article on this topic!

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