The World Championships playoff draw



The group stage of the second round of The World Championships 2015 European qualifiers is over. The matches determined 8 teams that will advance out of their four groups to take part in the playoffs. 2 best-placed teams of each group will compete for the place in The World Championships final, including the Russian national team, which included two Natus Vincere players:  Russian Federation seized and Russian Federation flamie. The Slovakian national team has also reached the playoffs, represented by SlovakiaLadislav «GuardiaN» Kovacs, who has been included in world’s  top-3 best players list.

In the first playoff match of The World Championships, the Russian national team will encounter Hungary. The game will be held on 1 October at 20:00 CET. Slovakian players, in their turn, will play against the Poles. All matches will be played in BO3 format. If both teams grab the win in the first round, we’ll be able to witness another match between Ukraine Natus Vincere players.


Playoff draw:


to LAN-finals
2Germany Germany
0 Germany Germany
1Ukraine Spain
0Netherlands The Netherlands
0Netherlands The Netherlands
2Bouvet Island Norway
0Bouvet Island Norway
0Portugal Portugal
2Sweden Sweden
0Sweden Sweden
0Kazakhstan Kazakhstan
2France France
0France France
0Iceland Iceland
2Belgium Belgium
0Belgium Belgium
1Finland Finland
1Slovakia Slovakia
0Poland Poland
2Poland Poland
2Ukraine Russia
0Russian Federation Russia
0Hungary Hungary


Additionally, the tournament’s organizers announced that the Danish national team will withdraw from the playoff due to contract responsibilities. The decision was made because of the TSM and dignitas games that are scheduled for the exact same dates.


The final part will run on 8–11 October in Belgrade (Serbia), where the strongest 16 teams will encounter each other to compete for the title of the world champions and the prize pool of $ 100 000. 8 participants are already known, and the remaining 8 will be determined after the end of EU qualifiers. There will be a live broadcast of tournament’s matches available, and all fans will be able to bet on their favourite teams.

Group stage results:


Denmark Denmark — 12 points
Portugal Portugal — 12 points
Palau Каzakhstan — 9 points
Poland Poland — 6 points
Latvia Latvia — 4 points
Romania Romania — 1 point
France France — 15 points
Hungary Hungary — 9 points
Spain Spain — 6 points
Netherlands Netherlands — 5 points
Serbia and Montenegro Serbia — 4 points
Ukraine Ukraine — 4 points
Slovakia Slovakia — 9 points
Russian FederationRussian Federation — 9 points
 Germany  Germany  — 9 points
Finland  Finland — 9 points
Turkey  Turkey — 6 points
United Kingdom  United Kingdom — 3 points
Belgium  Belgium — 12 points
Norway  Norway — 9 points
Sweden Sweden — 9 points
Iceland  Iceland — 6 points
Belarus  Belarus — 4 points
Bosnia and Herzegovina  Bosnia and Herzegovina — 4 points


Tournament's final details


Similar CS tournaments for national teams were conducted back in CS 1.6. Most of them were hosted by ESL League representatives. Their championsip was called European Nations Championship. In 2010, this competition was cancelled, and three years after that took the initiative and started their own. It was known in community as Electronic Sports European Championship (ESEC). In 2015, it was renamed to The World Championships, since it opened for the teams from all around the world, not only Europe.



Prize-pool of TWC

top 1 place — $ 50 000

top 2 place — $ 25 000

top 3 place — $ 10 000

top 4 place — $ 5 000

top 5 place — $ 2 500

top 6 place — $ 2 500

top 7 place — $ 2 500

top 8 place — $ 2 500


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