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Welcome to our new series dedicated to the videos about CS:GO! It will include impressive frag movies, helpful guides, and the funniest clips from all over the Web. Today you will learn the perfect ways to throw grenades, do a ninja defuse and hide on de_dust2. Also, you will see a few frag movies from SLTV StarSeries Season 13 and ESL One featuring beautiful individual performance of  Slovakia GuardiaNRussian Federation flamie, and Sweden Olofmeister as well as examples of nice team work of  Denmark Team SoloMid and United States Cloud 9. Enjoy the videos!


Some of the videos below can be familiar to the followers of  Ukraine Natus Vincere’s Youtube channel, as they were uploaded to it some time ago. In the first guide, Ukraineceh9 teaches how to throw unexpected pop-flashbangs in smoke correctly. This trick can be extremely useful for both T and CT on de_train,  and is commonly used by all famous professional players.



Another guide from Natus Vincere’s YouTube channel shows the tactical part of the play on one of The Born to Win’s best maps – de_mirage. You will see a perfectly played eco-round with an effective A-bomb sight execution. The main idea of this strategy is to smoke all main positions of your opponents and plant the bomb as quick as it is possible. The video shows all necessary information that will help you to learn how to do this. 



This interesting A-plant takeover on the popular map de_dust 2 will surely help you to turn the tide of the match. In this match against  Germany mousesportsThe Born to Win have used both smoke grenades and flash bangs to aggressively enter the bomb sight, plant the bomb and secure advantageous positions to stop the retake. Note that this strategy works the best with a full buy.


Natus Vincere fans surely remember those intense emotions that they experienced in June. Back then, in Kyiv, our guys managed to outplay all their opponents, including Ukraine FlipSid3France EnVyUsPoland Gamers2, and CIS HR, and win well-deserved title and champions’ trophy. All of the brightest moments, players’ emotions, the atmosphere of the tournament, and award ceremony can be found below, in SLTV StarSeries Season 13 video report. The grand-final took place on June 21 and was extremely enjoyable to watch, as Na`Vi managed to win FranceEnVyUs with a 3:1 score. 


We highly recommend you to check out this beautiful frag movie about our Counter-Strike: Global Offensive playerSlovakiaLadislav “GuardiaN” Kovacs. During the last few months, his strong AWP performance helped our team to win two first prizes at ESWC Montreal and SLTV StarSeries Season 13 as well as the second place at DreamHack Summer, and proved that he is one of the best snipers of the world. 



The next video features a wonderful ninja defuse on de_dust 2, performed by the guy with a very unique nickname krutoi (a tough guy). He managed to hide near the A-bomb plant and defuse it right under his opponents’ noses. Not every CS:GO player can do that, as the ninja defuse requires not only courage but also luck and great timings. That is why such tricks are so rare in professional matches. 



The Desert Eagle handgun was invented in 1983 as a hunting weapon. Thousands of CS:GO players like it because of its frightening appearance. However, its accuracy is far away from being as impressive as the way this gun looks. Have you ever noticed how strange it sometimes works? Some people get irritated because of the missed shots, while others feel inspired by it and make fun videos about this gun. Enjoy the video!



International Fraakarts showed his YouTube-followers a very interesting position to make an AWP opening kill on mid on de_inferno.  In order to do this, it is necessary to buy one smoke grenade and run as quick as possible. You will be almost impossible to spot from CT point of view and will have enough time to aim and hit your shot. 



Virre often makes the frag movies about professional CS:GO teams. This time, he gathered the most interesting plays of the American team  United States Cloud 9 in 4-minute video. You will see lots of beautiful frags done in 2015, as well as the emotions of the players at different LAN-tournaments, complemented by fast paced music and voices of American and European casters.  



Fnatic CS:GO moviemakers uploaded a new  Sweden Olofmeister's frag movie. Olof Kajbjer showed an outstanding performance at many tournaments in 2015, being one of the most consistent and versatile players in Swedish team. This video features both AWP and riffle frags at ESEA Season 18, MLG X-Games Aspen 2015, CCS KICK OFF, IOS Pantamera 2015, and KING of Majors in matches against  United States Team LiquidUkraine FlipSid3Poland Virtus.proDenmarkTSMPoland ESC and many other teams. 



Of course, Natus Vincere’s frag movies can’t go without mention. We recommend you to watch this amazing CGAMES video, featuring Russian Federation Egor “flamie” Vasilyev’s best moments. It was uploaded back in June and includes frags from those times when Еgor was playing on other teams. This 3-minute clip shows his wonderful shooting skills and high rate of reaction in unexpected in-game situations.



Here is another beautiful frag movie about  Denmark Team SoloMid made by England Frank Garnett Welsh. This guy is well-known in community, as he has uploaded the first CS:GO video (Sweden NiP at DH Valencia) ever. Frank's new video resembles good old CS 1.6 clips with calm music, voices of American casters, third-person view and bright frags.



One of the biggest CS:GO tournaments of the year with a prize-pool of $ 250 000 will kick off on August 20 in Germany. ESL One Cologne 2015 finals will gather the strongest invited teams as well as the winners of regional qualifiers in Europe, North America, Asia and Oceania. The next frag movie features the most impressive moments from European qualifier by International KinguinDenmark dignitasPoland Team eBettleFrance TitanUkraine FlipSid3Germany KILLERFISHInternational HR and other teams. 



Here is another video dedicated to ESL One Cologne, supported by Valve and ESL league. This time you will get the chance to enjoy the teaser of the upcoming tournament. It features the most interesting ESL One moments  as well as the emotions of players that take part in it, but, unfortunately, doesn’t include any frags. This video can give you a feel of what the tournament in Cologne that will be attended  Ukraine Natus Vincere will look like.



Here is a trailer of the long-awaited frag movie for all fans of the Bears. Virtus.pro moviemakers and, namely,  Russian Federation xEON from ERAZEMEDIA studio are working on a very interesting video that will be called Virtus.pro Overcome and will include the most impressive frags of the team done in 2014. It will be released in about four months but, as for now, you can take a look at how it will look like in the clip below.



The last video on our list is from “Look into the past” series. It is a nice example of how and how not to make international esports events trailers. You will see the best moments from World Cyber Games 2010 grand-final and happiness of all Ukraine Natus Vincere CS 1.6 players. It also includes signature winners’ dancing, impressive frags and a lot more.



Summary and interesting statistics:

All in all, Counter-Strike continues gaining its popularity among Steam users and is ranked second most played Steam game, with the average active players number of 405 000. The record number of online users — 590 223 —was set in the middle of June, and decreased by 2–3 % in August. One of the biggest tournaments of the year — ESL One Cologne — will most likely cause the boost in the number of players. We hope that the teams will show some impressive matches and beautiful frags there so we will have tons of videos to include in our series!


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