CS:GO: Best videos and frag movies # 10


We present a new overview of the most interesting videos about a popular eSports title CS:GO. The articles of CS:GO: Best videos and frag movies series contain various videos, mostly featuring the frags of the world's strongest teams. There are also videos about ordinary players, who managed to create extraordinary highlights. Today you'll see the VODs about Sweden fnatic, Brazil Luminosity and the national team of France, as well as the records of the best frags by Ukraine Edward, Russian Federation flamie, Sweden dennis, Slovakia GuardiaN, and the movies with DreamHack Winter 2015 highlights.


All the subscribers of our YouTube channel must've spotted many interesting videos, which were added on the past week. Ukraine Natus Vincere moviemakers prepared a series of interesting videos for those, who are interested in our team and CS:GO. If you've missed these videos or didn't have time to see them, you have a chance to watch them now. Watch the work of professionals attentively, and you'll manage to find useful things for yourself, repeat their tactics and movements in ranking matches or in the games with your friends! Following the videos by the Born to Win, we've added the collection of the week's best frag-movies.


There're lots of guides on CS:GO theory on our YouTube channel. Ukraine Arseniy «ceh9» Trynozhenko prepared suc videos on the last week. Arseniy showed the strategy of plant A takeover on de_dust2 in the new episode Na`Vi CS:GO. He took the official game of Ukraine Natus Vincere as an example and demonstrated how to throw grenades to confuse the plans of the CTs. Our coach and captain Ukraine Sergey «Starix» Ischuk invented a non-standard grenade, thrown from the terrorist respawn. It fully covers the vision of the controller of the Long. The tactics require: 3 smokes, 3 flashbangs and 2 Molotov Cocktails.



Next is the first episode of our new series Na`Vi CS:GO Duels! The video is devoted to the confrontation of the 2 best players of a match of our CS:GO team. The first episode features the performance of our outstanding sniper Slovakia Ladislav «GuardiaN» Kovacs, challenged by one of the best players of American division United States Josh «jdm64» Marzano. The duel was held in the match of DreamHack Cluj-Napoca group stage between Ukraine Natus Vincere and United States CLG​.



Now its time to see the best frags of Ukraine Natus Vincere players! As per moment our players are train hard to the finals of ESL ESEA Season 2, to be held on 10-13 December, USA. All the games are played online (our players decided not to gather for bootcamp). However, recently seized and Ukraine Edward met in Kyiv to discuss the nuances of the upcoming matches. We can't tell you all the details of this meeting, but we can assure you that the respective video about it will soon be available on our channel. So don't miss it! As per moment you're most welcome to watch CEVO 8 highlights by Na`Vi players.





One of the interesting series of our YouTube Channels is TOP-5 Best CS:GO Moments. The episodes provide a rating of the recent matches' highlights. The last is the collection of amazing ingame moments, created by France Happy, Australia AZR, Russian Federation seized, Denmark Aizy and Finland Allu. Enjoy watching!



Apart from tactical videos, you can watch the record of Slovakia GuardiaN's game. This is the stream of our sniper playing against Ukraine S1mple. Apart from frags and teamplay, you will see the emotions of Ladislav, as he plays with the web-camera turned on. Watch the record of the stream. We also offer you to watch new blogs by Zeus. UkraineDaniil «Zeus» Teslenko recorded a new vlog for all the fans of the Born to Win and CS:GO players. Learn the recent news of our squad: Watch blog.


This is it for the videos of Natus Vincere. Next is the collection of the past week's CS:GO videos. The first is the short VOD from MovieNation. It was created by Spike. This is a two-minute compilation of frags made by non-professional players. The video has great editing, good color correction and unusual choice of music.



We present a video, which features the best frags by Sweden fnatic at DreamHack Winter 2015. The Swedish team took first place at this tournament. To commemorate the victory, the organization created a movie. Watch it to recall the best of Sweden fnatic.



We present a frag movie about Ukraine Ioann «Edward» Sukhariev. In the three-minute video, the Gun King demonstrates astonishingly precise shooting at various eSports tournaments. The film features frags made with guns, other types of weapon and even with a grenade. 720 quality (50 fps) is highly recommended.



This is a movie devoted to a successful performance of Brazilian team Brazil Luminosity. The video features the best moments and frags from DreamHack Winter 2015. See the Brazilians managed to defeat many top teams due to the great shooting in complicated situations.



We present you a new video about DreamHack Winter 2015. It features the most interesting moments and frags. If you've missed this tournament, you should watch movie. Pay attention to the unusual frag with AWP, made by Brazilian player Brazil FalleN. Movie is created by Virre.



This video is a short compilation of beautiful frags by UkraineNatus Vincere player — Russian FederationEgor «flamie» Vasiliev. These are mostly the frags made with guns and AK47.



The video created by Fraakarts features the best frags of the renown French players: FranceHappyFrancekennySFranceApexFranceSmithZzFranceNBKFranceShox. The author tries to pick the most spectacular moments, which demonstrate the widest range of capabilities of the players. The compilation is remarkable!



This film features a new player of SwedenfnaticSwedendennis. It features the frags with various types of weapon, mostly made before Dennis joined the team.



This film tells us how SlovakiaLadislav «GuardiaN» Kovacs became the best player of DreamHack Cluj-Napoca 2015. See the unbelievable frags made with AWP and accurate shooting with guns.


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