CS:GO: Best videos and frag movies # 11


We present our weekly digest, dedicated to the most interesting CS:GO videos. Over the last week, we found many note-worthy clips, featuring impressive plays of the strongest cyber athletes of the world, as well as amateur players. Today you'll have a chance to witness amazing skills of Sweden JWSweden KrimzPoland Snax and Finland allu. Additionally, we prepared the frag movies featuring United States Cloud9 and Brazil Luminosity for all fans of American CS:GO players. And, of course, we could not forget about Na`Vi. Let's jump right in!


Ukraine Natus Vincere YouTube-channel released quite a few useful videos for those who are interested in our team and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive in general. Let’s see what new you’ll be able to learn from them and then use in matchmaking while playing with your friends! 


In a new episode of Na`Vi CS:GO Tactics, Ukraine Аrseniy «ceh9» Тrynozhenko showed a few tips and tricks explaining how to play more efficiently with a new R8 Revolver. Power and incredible accuracy of this device attracted lots of attention on the day of its implementation and caused a huge number of complaints on the Web. Our former player showed how to use R8's shooting modes when playing on different positions on de_inferno. This guide will be helpful for all those who are interested in figuring out the mechanics of the new weapon.



Another video of Ukraine сeh9 is dedicated to the shotguns in CS:GO. He unveiled some secrets of playing with this powerful weapon and showed why it is considered to be one of the most dangerous at close range. He showed its key positions on de_inferno and tried to predict all possible situations that may occur while playing with shotgun as CT.



After such a great tactical overview, let’s move on to the best frags of Ukraine Natus Vincere CS:GO players! Right now, our guys are enjoying their US holidays after taking second place at ESL ESEA Season 2, where they managed to outplay strong opponents and reach the final stage of the competition. The video about this tournament will be uploaded to our channel very soon, and as for now, take a look at the highlights of Born to Win at SLTV StarSeries XIV.




Apart from guides and frag compilation clips of Natus Vincere players, our YouTube channel constantly releases new episodes of TOP-5 Best CS:GO Moments. In a new one, you’ll see the best moments of the most recent matches, featuring France Scream, Denmark karrigan, United States FugLy, Sweden Wenton, Germany keev. Enjoy watching!


ceh9 uploaded a video-analysis of the important round which took place during  Poland VP vs Sweden Fnatic match and led to the win of one of the teams! Watch the video. Another one of his clips describes the changes, brought by the last patch. Watch the overview.  Ukraine Daniil «Zeus» Тeslenko uploaded a video from America, showing his team's preparation for the group stage match against Denmark ex.TSMWatch the video.


Let's move on to the best frag movies of the week! A movie maker International Xyanide prepared a two-minute clip, featuring the highlights of popular European players. The video is very nicely done, and its talented editing perfectly shows the beauty of CS:GO frags.



Mighty EGB.com movie makers managed to gather the best DreamHack Open 2015 moments. You'll see the most impressive frags done by well-known professional players, their close clutch rounds and emotions on LAN. It includes Brazil LuminosityDenmark ex.TSMPoland VPSweden NiP and many other teams.



A new IN ACTION video from the Ukrainian website CGAMES, starring Sweden Krimz, will remind you how great his aim at any range is, as well as show the most intense clutch situations he won against 4–5 players.



Recently, a new 5-minute frag movie featuring famous Polish player Poland Snax has been published to showcase his impressive kills from different kinds of weapons. Many highlights are dedicated to his great understanding of the game and ability to find the frags from the back of his opponents.



A nice 3-minute video about Sweden JW, the player of one of the best CS:GO teams in the world, will grant you a chance to follow the greatest frags in his entire career  This clip is accompanied by good music and is an absolute must to watch!



As we all know,  Finland allu will stop performing for Sweden Ninjas in Pyjamas in 2016. The movie makers of the organization created a very touching tribute video which includes his 5 most crucial moments in 2015. You'll see impressive AWP, Glock and Tec-9 frags. The video is very simple, but nicely shows the beauty of player's frags.



This 5-minute video about United States Cloud9's results at iBUYPOWER $100k Invitational will surely be interesting for all fans of American Counter-Strike. It features outstanding plays with different weapons and is accompanied by good music.



The Brazilian Luminosity roster is certainly worth the respect, and many frag compilations are dedicated to their plays. This time you'll see what Brazil FerBrazil ColdzeraBrazil Boltz, Brazil FallenBrazilSteel are made of!



This next nicely-edited frag movie about amateur players features very unusual music rarely used for CS:GO videos like this one.



Last but not least, we recommend you to watch this video tutorial that will help you stay alive after the bomb explosion at plant B on de_dust2. If the bomb is planted on the described spot, the player has a chance to survive on the box. Look the video to find out more details!  




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