CS:GO: Best videos and frag movies # 12


We have a few new videos to show you. Ukraine Natus Vincere movie makers prepared some great clips for all CS:GO fans, so make yourself comfortable and enjoy!

There are lots of CS:GO video tutorials on our YouTube channel. Last week, Ukraine Аrseniy «ceh9» Тrynozhenko uploaded a short yet very informative guide on de_mirage positioning, where he explained in detail a good strategy for terrorists.



The next Na`Vi CS:GO Tactics episode will teach you the right way to take over the B-bomb site on de_train, as well as defend this position during a retake. Some useful tips on how to throw smoke grenades will help to plant the bomb safely, prevent enemies from killing you and not spend too much cash at the same time. In order to play out this round you’ll need only 3 smokes, 2 flash bangs and 1 Molotov.



Let’s enjoy some of the best frags of  Ukraine Natus Vincere players! Our CS:GO team is now on vacation till January 6, but starting from the next year, Born to Win will be preparing for the SLTV Finals in Minsk and other competitions which are waiting for them in 2016. The video below features some of the most impressive plays of Na`Vi, so make sure to check it out!




Apart from guides and frag compilation clips of Natus Vincere players, our YouTube channel constantly releases new episodes of TOP-5 Best CS:GO Moments. In a new one, you’ll see the best moments of the most recent matches, featuring  Brazil FallenUnited States Fugly, Slovakia GuardiaN, United States mOE, France HappyEnjoy watching!



The author of this great 3-minute frag movie, TheMonst3RPG, managed to gather some of the most beautiful AWP kills and aces gotten by  Sweden f0rest in his recent games.



Phinx uploaded a nice frag compilation, dedicated to Slovakia Lаdislav «GuardiaN» Kovacs’ plays in ESL ESEA Pro League S2 matches. Our player was able to show a very decent performance and delighted his fans with incredible AWP shots.



NiP Gaming released a video featuring the best shots of Sweden Xizt. This player always greatly contributes to the success of his team and is capable of surprising by his unpredictable decisions.


A Belgian headshot-king Belgium ScreaM at his finest. Apart from the insane frags, you’ll be able to witness high-quality real-life footage and some nice in-game shots.


Are you ready to see all 8 aces France KENNYS got in the matches against professional opponents in 2015? Take a look!



France Happy with an AWP and a pistol presents a difficult challenge for each and every opponent. Watch the video below to find out why!



Take a look at this unusual commercial for CS:GO skins featuring a movie star Danny Тrejo! Over the last week, the video accumulated a huge number of views and generated a wave of excitement in the community.



Last but not least, let’s reminisce some of the brightest highlights of Na`Vi’s former player and the current coach  Ukraine Sergey «starix» Ishchuk.





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