CS:GO: Best videos and frag movies # 15


Welcome to the first Best videos and frag movies episode of this year! The Christmas season is over, and we are ready to delight you with great videos, dedicated to CS:GO, again! Lately, Ukraine Natus Vincere moviemakers have been uploading lots of interesting clips, so let's take a look at them first and then move on to watch other impressive videos made over the last week.


There are lots of note-worthy CS:GO tutorials on our YouTube channelThe newest Na`Vi CS:GO Tactics episode gives some useful tips and fresh ideas on how to play on de_cobblestone. Such strategies are rarely used in official matches, so make sure to check it out! 



In the next Na`Vi CS:GO Tactics episode you'll be able to witness our team's quick move towards "Long", one of the most crucial de_dust2 spots. It is always necessary to take your spawn positions into consideration, especially when you are playing on the T-side, and the video below will show what to do in case your respawn point is close to "Long".



Let’s enjoy some of the best frags of  Ukraine Natus Vincere players! Born to Win have been practicing online for a few days already and will set off for Minsk to compete over the grand prize very soon. The tournament will kick off on the 13th of January, when our players will encounter  the ChinaCyberzen mix in their first group stage match. And while they are preparing for the event and working on some new tactical moves, we recommend you take a look at some of their greatest highlights. 




You can find a new TOP-5 Best CS:GO Moments episode on our YouTube channel! In this series we collect interesting frags from professional CS:GO matches. In a new one, you’ll see the best moments of the most recent matches, featuring France Happy, France kioShiMa, Belgium Scream, Bulgaria v1c7orFrance shox. Enjoy watching!



Аrseniy Trynozhenko, the former Natus Vincere player and a well-known streamer, often films himself expressing the opinion concerning the most recent events. If you have missed any of his new clips, make sure to check these ones out: Zonic became questionmark's coach and S1mple to Team Liquid.  Apart from the videos uploaded by Arseniy, you'll find the most intresting games of Na`Vi members played when they were streaming. Slovakia GuardiaN: «VOD on de_cache», «VOD on de_overpass». Russian Federation seized: «VOD on de_dust2», «VOD on de_mirage».



Now let's move on to the best videos created by the moviemakers from all over the world. The video below features the best Desert Eagle frags gotten by professional CS:GO players. Almost every single one of them features a spectacular replay and is accompanied by nice music. 



Clicky Crisp presented another nicely-edited video. Attentive viewers will point out the similarity between this clip and some video games that were popular back in the days. Looks quite fun! 



Aces, incredible wallbangs, clutch rounds and many more impressive moments can be found in this 15-minute video, dedicated to Slovakia Ladislav «GuardiaN» Кovacs. This great frag compilation features our sniper's best moments of 2015. 


This next highlight video is a definite must-see for all CS:GO fans. It features 30 brilliant situations from the professional matches of 2015, which showcase perfect coolness of judgment and control over emotions that helped players to win rounds. 



The French powerhouse FranceTeam EnVyUs presented a video dedicated to NBK's best frags in 2015. It features a lot of nice moments of the player and his frags, mostly gotten with the help of AK-47 and pistols. 



A 4-minute video about the Swedish player Maikelele and his most spectacular moments in 2015 is the next on our list. As a bonus, you'll get a chance to see some of the frags made back at the beginning of his gaming career.



This next video is dedicated to  Sweden Ninjas in Pyjamas' ESL One Katowice 2015 performance and features some interviews, players' emotions and best frags.  


Last, but not least, we have a trailer of the upcoming movie which promises to be extremely interesting! Although we get to see just a few seconds, it's clear that the author has put much effort into his work and used many impressive special effects while editing. The final result must include the frags of the famous cyber athletes from all around the world, and would most probably be worth the attention! 



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