CS:GO: Best videos and movies #2


We are excited to present to you the second episode of our new series! It is dedicated to different videos about CS:GO, and features the most interesting clips, frag movies, guides and  funny videos. Today we will show you a few great ones, including parodies and awkward moments from major tournaments. Enjoy watching! 


A few interesting videos from Dubai have been recently uploaded to Ukraine Natus Vincere YouTube channel. The interviews with SwedenGeT_RiGhTUkraine EdwardUkraine starixFrance NBK are already available for everybody to see. Also, our reporters have recorded a great video where Zeus shows b2ru what gamers do in a gym. Highlights,  final day momentstournament results overviewvenue excursion of ESL ESEA Dubai Invitational 2015 have also been uploaded to the channel. And, of course, make sure not to miss Zeus’ tournament overview!

We’ll begin our today’s episode with two impressive in-game moments done by our players at Slovenian tournament Gaming ParadiseRussian Federation flamie and Slovenia GuardiaN have managed to show truly outstanding performance in the matches against Titan and VPflamie have made four beautiful pistol-kills, whereas GuardiaN used a sniper-rifle. 


Virre, a popular youtuber among CS:GO fans, have gathered some of the best ESL One Cologne frags. This four-minute video doesn’t feature any impressive graphical effects, but still is a very interesting one to watch. You will be able to witness almost all highlights from one of the main tournaments of this year and if you still won’t be satisfied, a few other creative clips from the major are waiting for you ahead. 



Insomnia 55 is one of the largest British tournaments that was conducted on 28–31 August, gathering together the strongest Counter-Strike: Global Offensive teams of the Great Britain. The next video will show you some of the most spectacular moments of this competition. 



IEM gamescom 2015 CS:GO competition was conducted on 5–8 August in Germany. Ten invited teams were competing over the prize-pool and a title of champions, and eventually France EnVyUs won first prize and $ 45 500. We recommend all of you to watch the concluding frag movie made by ESL TV studio.



Another video made by Sweden Fnatic moviemakers about their CS:GO players. This time, the clip is dedicated to the best fragger of the team — Sweden flusha. You will be able to see his most impressive frags made in 2015. Flusha is one of the best professional CS:GO players of the world, so the video is definitely worth watching!



A new video of “In action” series uploaded by Ukrainian moviemakers features a great collection of frags made by  United States Skadoodle, the member of  United States Cloud 9 that is currently considered to be the best American Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team. You will see many interesting moments that prove how skillful he is. 



This parody video gathered more than one million views. It shows the regular day of a professional CS:GO player. You will see hilarious parodies of Poland PashaSweden flushaSweden olof and a lot more. The author jokingly raises a topic of cheating in professional eSports and laughs at the most annoying features of the most popular gamers. 



This short clip features the luckiest CS:GO players. You will see a great one-shot triple-kill, jumping wallbang as well as the moment, were one pistol shot has killed two players at once. This collection turned out to be very interesting to watch, considering how rare such frags are in competitive matches.  



The next video was made by a cyber athlete that visited Japanese shop, where he tried to find a nice gift for his four-year-old son. To his immense surprise, he has found a true masterpiece among lots of other Japanese toys. This toy rifle can make sounds based on good old Counter-Strike 1.6. We haven't found something similar to show to CS:GO fans, but we hope that we will see some of them in the future!



Was it another joke or a serious tactical step before the important match? A famous Swedish player Sweden Get_RiGhT has decided to tease his opponent in front of the thousands of viewers. Not every single gamer can do that and still look as awesome as this guy did! Ukraine Dendi does similar tricks in Dota, but professional CS:GO players rarely joke in such ways. Perhaps, GeT_RiGhT was just trying to calm his nerves.



Incredibly unreal frag, made with a grenade thrown from another side of the map! This round started as a perfectly usual one… and boom, such an unexpected open frag. The probability of its success was very low, but another unlucky grenade thrown by CT silver-players decided everything. Anyway, this frag was beautiful and impressively random!



A funny video clip about what has happened at the ESL One Cologne afterparty. Only professional gamers, eSports media representatives and organizers of the tournament were allowed to attend it, so not everybody could witness how the most popular eSports personalities are having fun.



The next video depicts the collection of the funniest moments from one of the biggest CS:GO tournaments supported by Valve. You will see in-game situations as well as some awkward moments recorded during ceremonies and stage shooting. 



It’s either great luck or an incredible skill! Here is one of the most incredible frags from the recent ESL One.



At the end, let’s watch a few funny moments from the tournament in Dubai.



Summary and interesting statistics:

All in all, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is confidently gaining its positions as the most popular FPS game in Steam. In August, the number of players online always remained above the 455 455 figure. This month’s record was set on August 12, when 669 631 Steam users logged in CS:GO. Therefore, the number of players has increased by 5–7 %, compared to the summer numbers. Additionally, CS:GO also breaks its Twitch records. More than 27 million people from all around the world have tuned in to watch ESL One Cologne, while the biggest number of viewers at once has reached an 1 300 000 figure!

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