CS:GO: Videos and movies # 3


Ukraine Natus Vincere presents a collection of interesting videos about Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Watch movies about Ukraine Na`ViSweden Fnatic, International Kinguin, France EnVyUs, ESL One Cologne, ESL ESEA Dubai and much more. Enjoy!


Lately many new videos has been uploaded on Ukraine Natus Vincere's YouTube channel. The first are the tactical videos, created by Ukraine Arseniy "ceh9" Trynozhenko. The last episode of Na`Vi CS:GO Tactics contains analysis of our team's tactics in a match against Kinguin at de_inferno. You'll see classical grenades throw, which enables to take over A plant.



The new episode of Na`Vi CS:GO Teamplay will teach you how to isolate a player on the Long correctly (de_dust2). The situation, which ocсurred at the official match of Ukraine Natus Vincere, is examplary. See how to throw smokes correctly in order to kill the controller of the long, not having lost your teammates. Players often take over this piece of map. If you learn this strategy, you'll obtain advantage in 2 vs 2 and 2 vs 1 exchanges (when entering Long). When using this tactics you almost entirely cover the vision of CT players and provide the pass to the plant for yourself.



Apart from the abovementioned series, Ukraine ceh9 creates vlogs. He analyzes in this video the results of the qualifiers of the last major tournament of the year DreamHack Open Cluj-Napoca. Furthermore he also gives advice on how to increase your CS rank, watch his vlog.


We remind you that almost all the players of our CS:GO team actively stream their training and play with the viewers. We publish the records of the most interesting streams on our channel. Recently two new VODs by Russian Federation seized were added. The first VOD features him playing with GeT_RiGhT at de_train. You will be able to see even his emotions, since he turned on cameras. The second record is a match held with Sweden Get_RiGhT on de_cobblestone at Faceit. Watch it on YouTube. The third VOD is the game of Slovenia Ladislav "GuardiaN" Kovacs on de_dust2. You'll be able to see the game as our renown sniper sees it. He also plays with webcameras. Watch match at de_dust2.




This is it with tactics and blogs for today. Next are the best frags by Natus Vincere at the recent tournaments. We suggest watching a splendid highlihgt of flamie's game during the match in the European division of ESEA Pro League S2. The match was held against Denmark TSM. Russian Federation Egor "flamie" Vasiliev (as CT) managed to outsmart the rivals at de_train. He approached them from behind. He managed to make 4 frags with a gun, made mostly from far disstance!



Slovenia Ladislav "GuardiaN" Kovacs won a very important game at de_cache. Our team was playing against Denmark SK Gaming, Ladislav made 4 frags in the first gun round for T, surprizing the viewers with his accuracy! This situation enabled GuardiaN to boost substantially and achieve advantage in devices. Further on Natus Vincere won this map at European division ESEA Pro League S2.



Ukraine Daniil "Zeus" Teslenko, playing for the national team of Ukraine, managed to outsmart the players of Croatia's national team. He came up to the rivals from behind in gun round and made 4 frags in "cowboy style". Furthermore, these were headshots. As a result our national team managed to defeat Croatia's team, but failed to get to the play-off of World Championships 2015.




This is it with our players' highlights. It's time to watch the full movie about frags of Ukraine Natus Vincere! The movie, created by MovieNations.Spike, is the collection of highlights, we enjoy watching over and over. Watch impressive frags against the top teams, unique flashbangs and splendid performance by our players! Enjoy!



We present September's TOP-5 Best CS:GO Moments. Watch top 5 highlights of the recent matches of professional eSports teams. Brazil coldzra from Luminosity, who made 4 frags in one eco round of the showmatch. Next is Russian Federation WorldEdit, who alone vanished DenmarkSK with AWP. The third is the defense of plant on de_dust2 by United States tarik from Counter Logic Gaming. The second is France kennyS, who planted the bomb and demonstrated splendid game with AWP. Frags by Sweden KRiMZ takes first place. 



This short movie features the luckiest CS:GO players! See the sniper, making 3 headshots with one shot through smoke, aces with awp without zoom and 5 frags with one grenade. The collection is rather unusual, since such frags are seldom in professional eSports.



Here's another collection of the most splendid highlights from FACEIT League Stage 3. Watch 5 situations in which the players make 3 to 5 frags! You know these players: Poland VP.paszaBicepsAustralia JKSCzech Republic HR.OskarFranceKennyS.



Swedish eSports organization Fnatic created a movie about ESL ESEA Invitational 2015. The event was held in Dubai. Learn what Sweden Fnatic CS:GO players think about the event, see the records of the matches, viewers' reaction, game highlights of the game with comprehensive comments. The movie is a documentary film about ESL ESEA Dubai, which lasts only for 12 minutes.



This movie features the most interesting highlights of International Gamers2' (ex`Kinguin) matches. Though Belgium ScreaM left the team, his frags are still included into the movie. Watch ESL One highlights, frags against Poland Virtus.proUkraine Hellraisers and many other teams.



Ukraine Arseniy "ceh9" Trynozhenko prepared a guide on how to configure the mouse for playing CS:GO. He explained which settings influence the aiming, how to set DPI and USB-port. ceh9 also spoke about the switching of DPI frequency at various devices and explained why AWP players don't use the function, which seems to have been created for them. 



This is a nostalgic movie by Sparkles. It contains the most remarkable highlights of the main eSports tournaments. The movie was watched over 500 000 times in a week. Ukraine Natus Vincere's frags are also there.



Since we've recalled the past, watch movie about Counter-Strike 1.6. It doesn't feature popular sports players, but the quality and music are good. Just watch and recall how it used to be before, when eSports community was crazy about classical CS.



New video In Action by Ukrainian moviemakers is a collection of beautiful highlights and frags by  Canada Mike "shroud" Grzesiek, the player of the best American CS:GO team United States Cloud 9.


We present the review of the best frags, made at DreamHack London. The event was held in England on 19-20 September. Denmark TSM,  France EnVyUsDenmark SKInternational KinguinDenmark Dignitas and other teams were fighting over the prize pool of $ 40 000. The movie features the frags of the players of these teams, Denmark DupreehDenmark cajunbSweden dennis, Denmark  device in particular.



Youtuber International Fraakarts showed a very interesting moment. You can make open-frag from sniper rifle on Middle at de_dust2, while remaining practically unnoticed. In reality this rush-frag was first demonstrated by Sweden JW from Fnatic. Such trick is seldom expected from T respawn, so you can surprise your rivals in matchmaking and provide an advantage to your team.



This video features a very unusual let alone unique way to transfer weapon to large distances at de_dust2. The moviemaker claims, that this is a real ingame moment, which they were training for almost entire day. The players even doubted if this feature can be used in matchmaking. As a result, it turned out that by means of grenade you can transfer rifles to large distances.



Twenty minute movie about its Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team was presented by France EnVyUs. Watch the best performances of the French team at ESL One Cologne 2015 in Germany and the comprehensive comments of the participants of the event. Enjoy watching!



This is another video by InternationalFraakarts. It features an interesting strategy by Denmark TSM, which enables to win eco round at de_train. All you need to do is to throw smokes accordingly. Though the result of the round is not always successful, you can try making it instead of simply losing eco round.




This is a troll-videoб featuring one of the most unpopular guns in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive — Zeus. Sometimes players need to approach really close to kill rival with Zeus. Watch the collection of great frags made with this gun.



This is a funny video showing how to meet a girl and ask her number by means of Counter-StrikeFaresHtv used various terms from CS:GO, to surprise girls and ask their numbers. Sometimes it's really funny. Will it work outside the US? You can try!




Summing up, it's great to see Counter- Strike: Global Offensive sometimes even exceeds DOTA 2 in terms of popularity in steam. This is the result of increasing interest to CS:GO, and decrease of DOTA 2 player (due to Reborn problems). In September the quantity of people in CS:GO in steam would often exceed that of Dota 2. The quantity of active CS:GO players didn't drop below 572 971. The maximum quantity of player was on 18 September — 726 507. The total increase of the game's audience was 8-10% in September. Go. CS:GO!

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