CS:GO: Videos and movies # 5


Natus Vincere presents CS:GO: Videos and movies # 5! Today you'll see awesome movies about major tournaments, funny moments of the streams of players, outstanding frags by Ukraine EdwardPoland byaliFrance HappyDenmark karrigan and others, a couple of great CS:GO guides and analytics by Ukraine ceh9. Play, watch, enjoy eSports!


Several new videos were uploaded on CS:GO YouTube channel of Ukraine Natus Vincere last week! Our former player and current caster Arseniy "ceh9" Trynozhenko has prepared new tactics on de_train for you. Learn how to get to the back alley, a location of great importance on de_train.


Na`Vi CS:GO Tactics episode #89 covers the game on de_trainUkraine Arseniy "ceh9" Trynozhenko will tell you about a useful strategy, applied by Natus Vincere in one of official games. Having bought only guns, they used 5 grenades and 1 Molotov cocktail to takeover plant A.


Next are the best frags by Ukraine Natus Vincere players at recent tournaments. First is the highlight of the match against Russian Federation PiTER at the group stage of SLTV StarSeries XIV. seized makes 1vs5 ace.



Here's another highlight of the match against Russian Federation PiTER. This time Russian Federation flamie showed outstanding shooting playing T on de_cobblestone.



Almost all our CS: GO players stream their trainings and play with the viewers. We publish the records of the most interesting streams on our channel. Recently we uploaded 2 VODs of our sniper Slovenia Ladislav "GuardiaN" Kovacs. The first features his game with Rain. The second video is a record of match played with Poland TaZ.



This is it for our players. Now it's time to watch the collection of the most interesting CS:GO movies, jokes, strategies from all over the world. The first is ESL official movie about ESL One Cologne 2015. The movie features best highlights of matches and the scenes taken at the event.



This is the record of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive World Championship held on 8-11 October in Serbia. The video features beautiful frags. UkraineNatus Vincere is represented by Russian Federation Denis" seized" Kostin and Russian FederationEgor "flamie" Vasiliev, who participated in the tournament as the players of national team of Russia.



This is an announcement of CS:GO tournament of Extreme Masters series to be be held in late November. Ukraine Natus Vincere is invited to the event.



This movie features a collection of the most beautiful highlights, with pro players making 4-5 frags in a row with USP. These are Ukraine EdwardPoland byaliFrance HappyDenmark karrigan, Poland snax and many others .



This is a short movie featuring good frags by renown eSportsmen. The movie is remarkable for its approach to edition and music choice.



Good video editing, unusual perspective and beautiful scenes - the movie by MN Spike has it all. The frags are made by ordinary players, but they're worth seeing due to creative design of the movie.



This movie is made basing on a profound understanding of artistic value of frags in CS:GO. Watch the beautifully edited highlights by prominent eSports athletes.



Next is a new documentary movie about CS:GO team of United States Cloud 9. The players speak about their way from ordinary gamers to the best US players. 



We showed you the movie with miraculous accuracy in our previous article. Here's one more movie with an outstanding reaction by Hiko in 3VS1 situation.



This is a beautiful highlight of Poland Snax blinding his rivals and shooting them.


Never stand in one line, or you'd be killed with one bullet along with your teammates, just like the players in this video...


Unexpectedly France kennyS remains alive for too long and manages to make 2 frags.


Poland VP player decided to play CS 1.6 and stream it. He also compared CS 1.6 with CS:GO. His reaction was funny.



A funny video of trolling Sweden olofmeister has been viewed 220 000 times.


A new map, in which Quake LIVE was transfered to CS:GO! The weapon here emerges only in particular place. You can find it in Workshop.



This is a new edition of TOP-5 Best CS:GO Moments, featuring Ukraine s1mple, Sweden Olofmeister, France NBK, Russian Federation 1UKE and France Happy.



The last, but not the least is CIS.GO Inception - movie about Ukraine Starix, our former player and a current coach of our CS:GO squad. Movie is made by kRRR.



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