CS:GO: Videos and movies # 6


We present an overview of the most interesting videos about a popular eSports title - CS:GO. Our articles cover the most exciting highlights of both professional matches and public games. Today you will see the movies about DreamHack Cluj Napoca and ESL One Cologne 2015, the frags by many stars, including Russian FederationseizedBrazil Fallen,  Ukraine Edward and many others! You will also You will also see the bright collections of highlights of the non-professional matches. Enjoy watching!


Last week, many videos were published on Ukraine Natus Vincere's CS:GO YouTube channel! A prominent caster Ukraine Arseniy "ceh9" Trynozhenko showed a tactics of B-plant takeover at de_overpass. Learn how to throw grenades and block the vision of the plant, while playing for CT. 



This video was created by Ukraine ceh9 and Ukraine Edward at DreamHack in Romania. A non-standard tactics of grenades throwing invented by a coach and the captain of our team, Ukraine Sergey "starix" Ischuk. Ищук. At de_dust2, the grenade thrown almost from terrorist respawn, blocks the vision of the controller of the Long.



Another episode of Na`Vi CS:GO Tactics shows a takeover of А plant at de_dust 2. The strategy of the game for T is shown, the example is the match between Ukraine Natus Vincere and FranceEnVyUs. To implement it, a team needs 6 flashbangs, 4 smokes, 1 grenade. As a result, you can plant a bomb successfully.


Enough with tactics and blogs. It's time for the best frags of Ukraine Natus Vincere at DreamHack Cluj Napoca. The guys were the runner-ups of the competition and created many thrilling ingame situations! The first vide is the moment in a match against France EnVyUs, when Russian Federation Denis "seized" Kostin made 5 frags!



In a match against United States CLG at de_overpass /sk Ladislav "GuardiaN" Kovacs, who was acknowledged the best player of the last DreamHack, made 4 frags with AWP !



This video features the conversation of Ukraine Na`Vi team members about the tactics before a most important game, namely the match against United States CLG на de_inferno.



Our reporters, headed by Rostislav Grubi and Arseniy Trynozhenko, were recording many videos during 5 days in Cluj-Napoca. All the videos are available on our website. Watch the interviews with Na`Vi players, the overviews of the venue, the interviews of prominent eSports figures, tournament insight and much more, including an interview with the girlfriend of Ukraine Daniil "Zeus" Teslenko!

Next is the collection of great videos about CS:GO from all over the world! Five minute movie about a well-known Brazilian player Brazil FalleN. This guy has been known for his shooting with sniper rifle since CS 1.6 era. The movie features beautiful frags, which he has made while playing SC:GO at professional level.



A new movie by Ukrainian website CGAMES of the series IN ACTION. See the most spectacular frags by Natus Vincere's player Russian Federation Denis "seized" Kostin.



This is a video with the most spectacular frags (according to author) of DreamHack Cluj-Napoca. Watch beautiful rounds, aces, frags, made from unusual positions and much more. Most bright moments by our team weren't included.



Valve Software released a movie report about ESL One Cologne 2015 — the event attracted a record quantity of viewers. Video about ESL One Cologne 2015 for Valve was created in cooperation with a prominent streamer and moviemaker tweetday. The video covers the main highlights of the event, held in Germany.



We present a new frag movie Natus Vincere in 2015: Legend Remains a Legend, which demonstrates the skill of each player of our CS:GO line-up. Welcome to a legendary master class, where you'll see ruthless aces with Tec-9 and SSG 08 (Scout). Furthermore, you'll be amazed with eliminating shooting with almost every popular type of weapon. 



Three minute movie with a collection of the brightest frags, made by pro players with Desert Eagle.



The champions of DreamHack in Romania, France TeamEnVyUs haven't made a frag movie about their victory yet. Instead a video featuring the emotions of the players fans and friends of the French team. Watch and try to feel what the winners of CS:GO Major feel.



This is a funny video with atmospheric edition by Clicky Crisp. Lots of frags by both known and unknown players are collected in it. The feature of the movie is the stylization for the old popular games. The video is the sequel of CS:GO — Level Up!



A short video by MovieNations from MN Pride competition. It stands out from other works!


The last, but not the least is a small video by the fans of Ukraine Ioann "Edward" Suharev. Thanks, guys! It's so great to have such devoted supporters!




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