CS:GO: Best videos and frag movies # 7


We present a new weekly digest, dedicated to the most interesting videos about  CS:GO. You will see different note-worthy clips, most of which are showing impressive frags by the strongest cyber athletes of the world. Sometimes we also add the highlights of amateur players who at times can also show something purely brilliant. Seventh episode will mostly be focused on the recent major-tournament DreamHack in Romania. Today you’ll see the clips about certain teams and players who shown themselves as the strongest at the competition. You will see the plays of such talented professionals as Slovakia GuardiaNFrance KennyS, Denmark karrigan and a lot more!


A few interesting Counter-Strike: Global Offensive videos were published on our YouTube-channel over the last week. Let’s see what new you’ll be able to learn from them and then use in matchmaking while playing with your friends! The first video of this kind was prepared by famous caster Ukraine Arsenii «ceh9» Trynozhenko for Ukraine Natus Vincere channel. New episode of CS:GO Guide will teach you how to defend A-bombsite on de_train. Main positions of the players were discussed, as well as some tactical decisions that would help you play more efficiently.


After such a great tactical overview, let’s move on to the best frags of the  Ukraine Natus Vincere players! Last week, they attended a final part of CEVO in the US, but unfortunately didn't manage to show their best. Afterwards, our players went to Germany, and now are practicing intensively before IEM San-Jose. Before the start of that huge tournament, our guys will perform at  ESL ESEAGOCL and a few other online competitions. If you are interested in seeing how our CS:GO squad is preparing online, take a look!




Apart from the frags by Natus Vincere members, our YouTube channel has another interesting series called TOP-5 Best CS:GO Moments, where you may find the best moments of famous players in the most recent official matches! The one below features the plays of  Denmark karrigan (Tec9)Portugalfox (AWP), Luxembourg Chrisj (AWP)United States ELIGE (USP)FranceScream (АК-47). Enjoy watching!

The frag movie dedicated to International G2 plays at DreamHack Open Cluj-Napoca 2015 is the next on our list. This team surprised everybody in Romania by their perseveration and incredible bracket run. G2 outplayed the Polish team VP on their way to semis, but lost to the French from EnVyUs and were eliminated from the tournament. Nevertheless, the team has made a pleasant impression on everyone and inspired some of the talented moviemakers to create this beautiful frag movie.



A very nicely edited frag collection! All plays going on in this clip are nicely synchronized with music. The video was made by specialists from MovieNationsdualtag  and Seasonz.



Here is another video about the results of DreamHack Open Cluj-Napoca presented by a famous London-based organization Fnatic. The frag movie turn out to be quite short, since the Swedes were eliminated from the tournament a bit early, and had no time to make all beautiful kills they planned to.



Here is a very funny video made by  International Nolif, featuring different interesting moments of professional CS:GO players. This video gathered almost 60 000 views in one week, thanks to its funny editing, where the faces of cyber-athletes were used to make game models more realistic.



Moving on, we are excited to present you a great frag movie about the member of our Counter-Strike: Global Offensive squad Slovakia Ladislav «GuardiaN» Коvacs. He became the most valuable player of the main tournament of this season thanks to his great AWPing. A few times during DreamHack in Romania, Ladislav killed his opponents through walls, surprising all viewers and even casters and showing everybody how well-prepared he is. Apart from unbelievable AWP frags,  Ukraine Natus Vincere player won quite a few difficult clutch-situations, making 4–5 frags in a row.



The next video will be very helpful for all CS:GO beginners. It gathers interesting facts about maps and gives a reason why the developers always add different commemorative eSports-themed graffiti to the walls.



Last but not least, we want to share a great frag movie that shows some beautiful frags of  France kennyS, one of the young French players, in matches for his own organization as well as national France team.


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