CS:GO: Best videos and frag movies # 8


We present our weekly digest, dedicated to the most interesting videos about  CS:GO. You will find different note-worthy clips, featuring impressive plays of the strongest cyber athletes of the world. We also look for the highlights of the amateur players that at times manage to show something purely brilliant. Today we'll reminisce the best moments of a great major in Romania, see the frag movies of such teams as France EnVyUs, GermanymouzUnited States Team Liquid, International G2, the highlights of  France KennySSlovakia GuardiaNBrazil FallenCanada shroud and a lot more!


Over the last week, Natus Vincere YouTube-channel released quite a few useful videos for those who are interested in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Let’s see what new you’ll be able to learn from them and then use in matchmaking while playing with your friends!  In the first video, Ukraine Аrseniy «ceh9» Тrynozhenko discussed the methods of countering enemy smoke grenades and playing unexpectedly. He also explained what exactly you need to do to avoid problems when rushing through the smoke.



Below is another lecture on CS:GO theory by  Ukraine ceh9, with the description of the most effective CT positions on de_cbble! Our former player will show you the key spots on the map and uncover some of the secrets of where to stack, when to play aggressively or choose to act safely. Let's watch! 



Apart from his series of guides, ceh9 regularly analyzes the latest news of CS-community in his special blog. Recently Arseniy discussed the changes within well-known CS:GO teams. He dwelt on the topics of Ukraine Arcade squad, as well as Pronax’s departure from Sweden fnaticWatch the video.



After such a great tactical and news overview, let’s move on to the best frags of the Ukraine Natus Vincere players! Our team has recently participated in two American tournaments, CEVO Finals and IEM, reached the second group stage of SLTV Starseries and managed to win a spot at the final part of ESL ESEA Season 2. During that time, the Born to Win have managed to show lots of beautiful highlights, so let's enjoy them once again! 




Apart from guides and the frags of Natus Vincere players, our YouTube channel constantly releases new episodes of TOP-5 Best CS:GO Moments. In a new one, you’ll see the best moments of the most recent matches, featuring Australia RickehPolandNeoSvalbard and Jan Mayen Rain, Sweden DennisGermany Nex.



Note! You can find the best moments of IEM San-Jose in a separate article



Moving on, the next video is a must-see for both beginners and veterans of CS:GO. It features the most absurd and ridiculous plays of professional players that got confused in the situations when they had to make quick decisions. 


United States Team Liquid representatives released a new clip about the performance of their CS:GO squad at DreamHack Cluj. You’ll be able to recall the best frags scored in qualifiers, as well as enjoy the highlights from the main stage of DreamHack in Romania.  


Here is a new frag movie about  France EnVyUs players, created by Lsk. This 3-minute video will show you the brightest highlights of the team as well as beautiful 3D animations, and help you feel the atmosphere of the game.



 Germany mousesports representatives uploaded a video report on the DreamHack performance of their CS:GO squad. The clip also includes live moments recorded at the tournament venue. Enjoy the best frags of mouz at the Romanian event!



After their incredibly successful run at the major,  International G2 team got lots of new fans. In a recent interview, its players opened up about the reasons for their success in the documentary about  DreamHack Cluj-Napoca.


The next video is dedicated to skillful snipers FranceKennyS and Brazil Fallen, and features some of their best frags in 2015. The clip is very nicely made, and doesn't include any loud or unnecessary in-game sounds.



Here is another DreamHack-related video, this time by Hltv.org, who gathered tournament's best frags made with the help of Desert Eagle.



The next video, made by MovieNations, is a high quality frag compilation, nicely synchronised with music.



The clip below features the most impressive kills done with the help of the Molotov, flash bangs and a lot more!


Here is a great 10-minute video about the best frags of  Canada Michael «shroud» Grzesiek, a United States Cloud9 member, which covers his entire career as a professional player. 



DreamHack Open has already come to an end, but outstanding plays of its participating teams will be remembered for a long time. Hltv.org prepared an amazing clip, describing /sk GuardiaN's and France KennyS' way to the DH grand-final. Two strongest awpers of the world crashed all rivals on their way, and finally faced each other in a decisive clash. The video below will show you how everything went and what happened before the final match. Enjoy watching!


Last, we recommend you to watch this video about secret rooms in CS:GO. What an unusual approach to the animation and editing!!




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