CS:GO: Best videos and frag movies # 9


We present our weekly digest, dedicated to the most interesting CS:GO videos. You will find different note-worthy clips, featuring impressive plays of the strongest cyber athletes of the world. We also look for the highlights of the amateur players that at times manage to show something purely brilliant. Today we'll discuss amazing frag movies about  France EnVyUsUnited States Cloud 9,  Norway rainNorway jkaemDenmark karrigan 


Over the last week, Natus Vincere YouTube-channel released quite a few useful videos for those who are interested in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Let’s see what new you’ll be able to learn from them and then use in matchmaking while playing with your friends!  In a new episode of Na`Vi CS:GO Tactics, Ukraine Аrseniy «ceh9» Тrynozhenko unveiled some secrets on how to make a successful A-bombsite takeover and plant the bomb when playing for the terrorist side. He used the round from one of the matches of Na`Vi as an example. 



In another Ukraine ceh9's lecture on CS:GO theory, he gave some good tips on how to enter A-bombsite on popular map de_infernoIn the clip, prepared for you by our former player, you'll be able to learn the strategy that works best in cases when apartments are fully controlled by your rivals. In order to make a successful plant takeover, Natus Vincere players used six flashbangs and four smokes in the official match. 



After such a great tactical overview, let’s move on to the best frags of the Ukraine Natus Vincere players. Our guys have recently attended two American tournaments, and even won the trophy in the grand-final of the most recent one! The frag movie about this victorious competition waits for you ahead, so as for now let's take a look at the highlights of Russian Federation seized and /sk GuardiaN.



Apart from guides and the frags of Natus Vincere players, our YouTube channel constantly releases new episodes of TOP-5 Best CS:GO Moments. In a new one, you’ll see the best moments of the most recent matches, featuring Poland peetPoland MichuPoland szperoSwedenBarbarrBelarusCyberFocus.


DreamHack Open Cluj-Napoca granted us many impressions and unforgettable moments. HLTV.org moviemakers created an amazing video featuring the highlights of the major. Let's recall them once again!



The frag movie featuring one of the best clutchers of the world is the next on our list!  Norway rain from International G2 keeps on delighting his fans: over the course of the last few tournaments, he managed to surprise everybody by helping his team to win a big number of incredibly difficult rounds. The video includes some of his crazy clutches, quick and smart moves and a lot more.



A new episode of IN ACTION series posted by Ukrainian website CGAMES is a must-see, as well! This time, you will be able to enjoy the most spectacular frags of one of the best Danish players, Finn «karrigan» Andersen, who gained his popularity back in the times of 1.6, and now performs for Denmark TSM roster.



The video tutorial below will be extremely helpful for all CS:GO beginners. Its author gathered 20 best ways to throw flash grenades on popular map de_dust2!



The next video is dedicated to the highlights of  France EnVyUs players that have managed to win the DreamHack gold in Romania. You will see some of their brightest frags and a great deal more!



The frag movie about another player of  International G2 EsportsNorway jkaem will show you how strong this Norwegian cyber athlete is and how impressive his shooting skills are.



Recently, a new documentary about  United States Cloud 9 CS:GO roster has been posted. It features the interviews with the players, some of their highlights in official matches as well as the real story of their success.



An American qualifier for IEM San Jose has granted many hours of high-quality Counter-Strike to its viewers. You’ll see impressive clutch rounds, beautiful frags and a lot more!



Last but not least, we highly recommend you to watch this 3-minute highlights compilation, featuring the best jumping shots of professional CS:GO players. 



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