Visual changes for CS:GO


Valve has released a new patch for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The game was updated so early in order to commemorate an immense growth of the community in late 2015. The developers said that all over 10 000 000 people from all over the world launched the game in December, with new users joining every day. 

The visuals of the first-person arm, hand, and glove models were upgraded to become more realistic. This part of game is most often seen by all the users. From now on the glows have improved HD-textures. Now a player can see all the stitches and the pattern of fabric. The improvement won't influence the game process, though some players claim that they haven't got used to it yet. They are distracted by the gloves, but it is only a matter of time until they're accustomed to it. The most experienced players have already noted a small bug: a part of expensive knife Karambit vanishes in the new glove.



Apart from the gloves, some other changes have been introduced. Mostly these are the fixes of the bugs, which were reported over 6 month ago (Linux). The developers also fixed problems related to the Killer Replay and fixed sound bugs. Additionally, Indian servers, which faced a number of problems, now work stably. Also a support has been introduced to broadcast Regional Minor Championships.



– Fixed a bug where client could sometimes get stuck in Killer Replay with a black screen.
– Fixed a bug where victim weapons could sometimes be invisible in Killer Replay.
– Player’s own footstep sounds are now correctly mixed as third-person footsteps during Killer Replay.
– Voice communications are now not faded out before and after Killer Replay.


– Reduced volume falloff distance for USP-S.
– Removed high frequencies from Killer Replay tape sound.
– Adjusted falloff curve of ricochet and impact sounds.
– Minor mix tweaks.


– Added official game servers in India.


– Upgraded to newer version of libSDL.
– Improved game performance during the end of match scoreboard.
– Sound options now distinguish between headphones vs two-speakers options.


– Added support for in-game broadcast of Regional Minor Championships.


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