The International for CS:GO?


In one of his recent interviews, Valve's developer Erik Johnson shared his thoughts on the CS:GO competition that would look similar to the biggest Dota 2-event — The International — and hinted that a new tournament is not planned by Valve. Besides, Erik confirmed company’s plans to port the game to the Source 2 engine.


A comprehensive approach to the development of their games has always been one of the most outstanding peculiarities of Valve. Earlier, they even stated that due to the success of their main Dota 2 tournament, they were open to the idea of conducting something similar for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players. However, the most recent IGN interview with Erik Johnson dispelled all myths concerning this matter.  


"I don’t know that it has to be coming. We’re pretty comfortable with different projects taking different approaches to solve similar problems. As a company we actually learn more when we do that. If we all point everything in the same direction, we’d have a real blind spot for when we’re screwing up. In some ways, you want to diversify a bunch of decisions across different projects because you zero in on the right answer quickly, as opposed to 'we have this thing that’s working, everybody do that right now." – Erik Johnson said.


By saying that, he made it clear that Valve has its own approach and doesn’t feel ready to change the current system of the tournaments, sponsored by them. So, unfortunately to all CS:GO fans, it is unlikely that we will hear any announcements about greater tournaments for this game this year.


Additionally, Valve's chief confirmed their plans to eventually port CS:GO to Source 2 engine, which is already used in Dota 2. Of course, the stability tests are still going on, but it is expected that after CS:GO transitioning many long-standing mistakes will be finally fixed.


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