CS:GO Workshop overview # 1


Steam workshoppers who specialize in CS:GO always send their creative artworks to Valve. Lately, there have been so many of those that developers decided to conduct a voting for the community to determine the best ones. We gathered the most interesting items and sets and highly recommend you to take a look!


PP-Bizon | Curse Showcase


PP-Bizon is a popular device among CS:GO players, based on  АК-74. In CS:GO, «Bizon» is very light, and its run speed value is 240 (96 %). It can be bought in all game modes no matter which side you are playing for. Its skins are used by many players, and the one from Curse Showcase collection can fit perfectly into every in-game inventory! It is done in the unique color scheme known to be used for the souvenir weapons in South Africa.



This skin depicts the god of ancient Egypt Anubis. Similar oriental pattern is used all around the rest of the weapon, but despite being very eye-catching, it does not detract attention in matchmakings. You can vote for Curse Showcase update in Steam here: PP-Bizon | Curse Showcase.



Famas | Gekko

This FAMAS skin is interesting because of its outstanding pattern. However, the changes that it brings are concerned not only with the look of the weapon. GEKKO also features modified animation of reload and weapon overview. It is the first case in the history of Workshop when the weapon with a new animation can be added to the game. The opinion of  Valve about such novelties is still unknown. The skin appeared in Workshop in August, and shook the entire community. More than 10 000 Steam users have already voted for it! Vote for Gekko.



Pride, Envy and Gluttony set

This particular set includes Desert Eagle, UMP and MP7 skins. It is a part of Seven Deadly Sins collection, a reasonably priced set that can possibly be included in one of the upcoming operations. Three different items will be sold altogether, whereas separate weapons will drop from cases. Pride, Envy and Gluttony set contains modified versions of skins with a mask, shark and city (1 picture on each). This device looks best with nautical theme and recently has been very popular with community members!
Vote for Pride, Envy and Gluttony.



Galil HighContrast (for FAMAS)


A bright-colored skin, made in familiar to all Ukraine Natus Vincere fans shades! By voting for Galil HighContrast, you’ll add a new pattern to the game and will be able to decorate it with the stickers of your favorite team. A very nice choice for those who appreciate new things in Steam! Vote for Galil HighContrast.




A futuristic  M4A4 skin will pleasantly surprise you with its unusual texture. It is called NOCTURNAL. The item is done in simple colors and stands out thanks to its unique pattern. It looks excellent in-game and can become a very nice part of future collections and operations. It was posted in Workshop in October. Vote for M4A4 | NOCTURNAL.




A realistic pattern for  AUG  from the collection of experimental skin designs. This weapon is rarely used in professional matches (mostly on de_dust2, for middle takeovers). But it is still quite popular in matchmaking and other CS:GO modes. This is one of the most long-awaited skins (for AUG) in the history of the game, considering how many community members voted for it. Support AUG | SCORPIUS (red).



AK-47 || Horus

АК-47 is one of the most powerful rifles in the world. Its most effective shooting technique is bursting.The biggest advantage of  АК-47 in CS:GO is one-shot-killing, even with armor, if you hit the head. The new skin will most probably be popular on CS:GO market, since it looks very cool with stickers. AK-47 Horus is the second Egyptian styled-weapon in our today’s overview. Its main peculiarities are the “well-madedness” and the pattern.



The skin is extremely popular in Steam, and many players will be happy to see it in the game. More than 12 500 users have already voted for it. The price might vary from $ 30 to 50.


Red Ribbon AK47 | Propaganda


Here is another unique AK 47 skin created by Red Ribbon group. It is outstanding because of its «atmospheric» pattern in classic CS:GO style. Weapon looks the best when it is factory new, whereas battle scarred one can look quite presentable only with stickers. It will look superb in the collection of every CS:GO fan!



And, of course, we can’t forget about pistols! Here are a few interesting works that have appeared in Workshop recently.



A lot of different amazing items have been added to Workshop recently. All weapons are extremely well-made and worth the attention, but there are so many of them that it is difficult not to overlook something. But we hope that our readers will find something interesting and, using links above, vote to see them in-game! See you in our next article!

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