CS:GO Workshop overview # 2


Creative CS:GO fans always have something decent to present in Steam Workshop. Lately, there have been so many nice artworks that developers decided to conduct a vote for the community to determine the best ones. We gathered the most interesting items and sets and highly recommend you to take a look!


AWP | Railgun

An AWP skin from the developers of Famas Gekko, featured in our previous installment, is outstanding because of its unique pattern, somewhat similar in style to AWP | Asiimov, but in blue. The skin was developed after numerous requests by players, and even though it was added to the workshop not that long ago, it has already gathered more than 41 000 views. Compared to the AWP | Asiimov, the rifle butt and telescopic sight of the Railgunare are more detailed. The main shortcoming of the skin is its blue barrel tip that would give away any overaggressive player by making him clearly noticeable at long distances. Vote for Railgun.





PP-Bizon | Bubbly Squad

Next on our list is quite an interesting design of PP-Bizon that evokes nostalgia . In the process of its elaboration, the author followed the concept of water guns and pistols for kids, and tried to make his skin as close as possible to the toy weapon. The final version looks very stylish yet simple at the same time; it has no excessive details that would detract from the game. Vote for Bubbly Squad.



Desert Eagle | Orochi Showcase

Here is a high quality pattern for Desert Eagle by Red Moon Workshop studio. It is decorated with rich colors that look best when playing for CT. You will be able to enjoy seeing a mythological creature on the side while shooting and reloading the weapon. The color scheme features light blue shades and would complete the collection of every Desert Eagle fan. Orochi  pattern was added to the workshop in July, and has accumulated 139 098 views. Vote for Orochi.





AWP | Steel Hawk

Another interesting skin for your sniper rifle! It looks beautiful from the side and features the picture of a hawk spreading its wings. Besides, Steel Hawk skin has quite an interesting telescopic sight, which won’t detract from aiming. The idea is not exactly a new one as birds and mythological characters are commonly featured on skin patterns, but Leprik0n managed to do it differently, and perhaps Valve developers will notice and appreciate his efforts. Vote for Steel Hawk.





AK-47 | Stikers

This extremely bright AK-47 skin will surely attract lots of attention. The author added a ton of colorful stickers and made the rifle look really fun! Vote for AK-47Stikers.


Nova | CANDY

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive brings in lots of girls who enjoy opening cases and buying weapons on the market. It is logical that sooner or later, the Workshop will include some weapons targeting the female audience. CANDY skin for Nova will certainly be one of them. Vote for Nova CANDY.




Karambit | Cypex

The price of knives in CS:GO is sky-high, and new patterns are rarely added to the game. Despite this fact, workshoppers continue designing new skins which turn out to be extremely good looking. Our choice is this beautiful pattern for Karambit knife! Vote for Karambit Cypex.




A beautiful skin in Ukraine Natus Vincere colors! Nice and simple at the same time, it also has some space for the stickers of your favorite team.  Vote for M4A1-S | BOLTZ.



AK-47 | Tahmuras

Here is another noteworthy AK-47 skin. Tahmuras looks very realistic and has a nice wooden texture.  Vote for AK-47 Tahmuras.



You can add many different interesting things to CS:GO via the Workshop. Take a look at this video, and leave your opinion on whether you would like to see such game modes on community servers in the comments section below!



And, of course, we can’t forget about the popular pistol TEC9! Here are a few interesting works that have appeared in the Workshop recently.


  delta elite


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