CS:GO Workshop overview # 3


Creative CS:GO fans always have something decent to present in Steam Workshop. Lately, there have been so many nice artworks that developers decided to conduct a vote for the community to determine the best ones. We gathered the most interesting items and sets and highly recommend you to take a look!


R8 Revolver | HeLL Fire

Over the last week, many new skins for the currently popular R8 Revolver have been uploaded to the Workshop. Users paint it in different colors, make copies of already existent skins, but only a few works are really worth the attention. R8 Revolver|HeLL Fire is definitely one of them. The author of this skin himself describes the color combination used by him as deathly cool, and indeed, it really makes the skin stand out. It depicts beautiful fire flames which look eye-catching, but do not detract from shooting. Vote for HeLL Fire.




de_dust2 Winter (day version)

A Christmas version of a well-known map is the next on our list. The author added a few snowmen and Christmas-trees, covered the entire map in show and decorated some of the structures with icicles to create a special holiday atmosphere. The map is interesting to play on, however, unlike many other similar winter maps, on this one you can’t interact with objects. It is already being tested on some game servers, so you can try it out! The winter version of dust2 accumulated more than 270,000 views over 2 weeks, proving that the community enjoys having such holiday-editions of usual ingame features. Vote for Dust 2 Winter.




AWP — Blood Swarm (cerwona)

The next is a new AWP skin, featuring a high-quality picture of piranha, which continues the tradition of depicting dangerous animals on weaponry. Maroon & orange color scheme makes the look of the sniper rifle even more impressive, but still is not so bright as to be distracting. Click here to see more.




AK47 — Oriental Lacquer

Our next choice is the interesting Japanese-style AK-47 skin which looks very simple yet attractive and features a sakura blossom design. It is done with attention to the smallest details and will surely be popular among the fans of elegant CS:GO weaponry. Vote for Oriental Lacquer.



M4A4 | Megalini

We found another cool skin in Natus Vincere shades! Precise lines and simplicity of color scheme make it look quite practical, since it has plenty of space for the stickers of your favorite team. Vote for Megalini.



CS 1.6 sounds in CS:GO (mode)

You can add many different interesting things to CS:GO via the Workshop. A few mighty users presented the mode, which replaces standard CS sounds with their classic Counter-Strike 1.6 analogues. Take a look at this video, and leave your opinion on whether you would like to see these sounds on community servers in the comments section below!


AWP | Blue Angel

Here is another beautiful AWP pattern! Even though the skins for a sniper rifle are added to the Workshop very regularly and the users have grown to be extremely picky when choosing the ones they like, this particular one was noticed by almost 400,000 players who now want it to complete their arsenal. The author found his inspiration in the popular Blue Angel airplanes design, and decided to use blue/yellow color scheme. Vote for Blue Angel.




Winter Sport Collection

Take a look at this cool winter weapon collection that has already managed to gather more than 3,000 views! It consists of 5 items for AK-47, AWP, Desert Eagle, M4A4 and P90 which all are done in blue, grey and white shades. Vote for Winter Sport Collection.



Classic de_dust2 from CS 1.6

One of the the Workshoppers, Reinier, added the CS: Source vibe to one of the most popular CS:GO maps – de_dust2. Despite the fact that Valve removed this map from the latest version of Source, he managed to find and incorporate original textures, proportions and even wall graffiti to his artwork. This map attracted more than 170,000 players, and perhaps even has a chance to be included into the list of official ingame ones.  Vote for de_dust2 from CS 1.6.



SG553 | Sektor

We highly recommend you to pay attention to this stylish SG553 skin created by vinnyvader. Minimalistic red lines on black background together with a beautiful texture look very stylish and add coolness to the weapon. Little wonder that more than 5,400 users noticed it in the the Workshop!




And, of course, we can’t forget about the skins for pistols and AWP! Here are a few interesting works that have appeared in the Workshop recently.


Glock-18 Fine Art AWP-NAVI Пиранья


The fact that the Workshop has seen a huge wave of R8 Revolver skins in recent days is definitely the one that should be noticed. The weapon is brand new, and many authors are excited to create something special for it. According to statics, more than 65 % of all uploaded skins are the patterns for R8 Revolver, but regardless, we tried to be fair and pay equal attention to all types of weapons and maps in our overview. Don’t forget to vote for the ones that you like most. See you in our next episode!

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