Esports conference 2015


ESL, Twitch, Hi-Rez Studios, Logitech and other top e-sports organizers are about to meet at the annual e-sports conference, which will take place in San Francisco later this year.


Industry giants will discuss issues related to developing e-sports and strengthening its positions. Negotiations about including e-sports into the list of universally recognized sports are under way, so this topic will be discussed at the conference as well. Apart from that, other interesting topics will be brought into picture, such as viewership gain, billions of dollars invested and the return on investments. The latest trends and figures of e-sports growth and its role in the modern society will be touched.  


In a calm and friendly atmosphere, prominent people of the industry will also discuss e-sports development in San Francisco, a city of cold fogs, steep hills and a place, where Victorian and modern architectures meet and combine. Moreover, this is where Golden Gate Bridge, one of the largest suspension bridges on the planet is located.


The conference will go on from 9 to 10 September in the Marriott Union Square hotel. It is yet unknown whether this event will be broadcasted online. 


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