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Dreamz Media, in cooperation with G2A, Twitch, Egamingbets and FaceIT, will be organizing a special Dota 2 Champions League competition called Christmas Charity Magic. All proceeds from the sales of ingame tickets will be donated to Food For The Hungry charity foundation.


This tournament will be unique not only because of its purpose, but also because of a few other features. The organizers backed out of the usual Captain’s Mode, and instead, gave teams the opportunity to choose a game mode of their liking before every match. Additionally, they have promised to contribute an additional 2 dollars to match the sales of the first 10,000 tickets.


The tournament itself will be held in a usual format. There will be 16 participating teams - 8 invited, and 8 teams that will have to fight their way through the open qualifiers, to be held on 26–27 November and 30 November–1 December. Teams can register for the tounament by filling in their application on the official website of FaceIT. Currently, five out of eight of the invited teams are known, namely: Team Empire, Team Liquid, 4 Clovers & Lepricon, No logic Gaming and Arcade PowerRangers. Three invites are yet to be sent out, and only time will tell which teams will be receiving a direct invite to this tournament. This tournament will feature a $40,000 prize pool.


Comment by Dreamz Media COO, Russian Federation Mark «Marchello» Аverbukh:


«We wanted to do something special at the end of 2015. Christmas is a time when people all around are feeling joyous, giving gifts and spending time with their dearest people. Sometimes we forget how lucky we are to be able to live in comfort. That is why we have decided to conduct a charity tournament and try to help those in need.»


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