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Do we know much about the e-sports managers? Some of them are media personalities. The nature of their popularity is diversified ranging from the scandals to epic swimming in cold lakes. However, behind each media image there’s a priceless staff member bearing enormous responsibility. D2CL has decided to praise their contribution.


The team of a good manager comes to its matches in time, knows the rules and follows the instructions of the administration. A manager does much work with few people estimating its true value. Managers have always remained in shadow, but not this time. D2CL in cooperation with Kingston launches ManagerX project within the framework of the League’s fourth season.


D2CL decided that community should know its heroes, standing behind the backs of the teams and trying to create a comfortable environment for the players, the viewers and the organizers. Their work must not be underestimated.


D2CL will motivate managers to work at the highest level. At the end of the Season 4 online stage League’s administrators will choose the best manager – ManagerX. The ManagerX will get 5% of the total cost of all the tickets sold and a special cup as a proof of his excellence.


Dreamz Media CEO, Mark Averbukh comments this new project:

"During my e-sports career I've worked twice as a team manager: in 2001-2003 at CS 1.6 team forZe and in 2012 at Dota 2 team Moscow Five. What can I say about that? Those were the worst days of my life! Maybe because I was a terrible manager or maybe the players' tempers were too complicated. Making compromises, hard decisions, always choosing what's best for the team – it's just a small part of what a person, responsible for well-being of 5 players, has to do. It is hard work and those who do it deserve appreciation. I don't know who will become ManagerX in Season 4, but I am assured that everyone will do their best to earn this title."

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