D2CL S2 qualification

We are happy to announce, that on these weekends, January 11th-12th, a qualification for the 2nd season of Dota 2 Champions League. Eight invited teams from Europe and US, split up in 2 groups will face each other in best of one matches. The team with the most points in each group will advance to the main stage of the tournament.

Qualification participants

Group Аimage Empire, image RoX, image The Retry, image Relax
Group Bimage Next, image PR, image VP, image Mouz
11.01.2014 18:00 CET image Empire - image The Retry
11.01.2014 18:00 CET image ROX - image Relax
11.01.2014 19:00 CET image Empire - image Relax
11.01.2014 19:00 CET image ROX - image The Retry
11.01.2014 20:00 CET image Empire - image ROX
11.01.2014 20:00 CET image Relax - image The Retry
12.01.2014 19:00 CET image Next - image VP
12.01.2014 19:00 CET image Mouz - image PR
12.01.2014 20:00 CET image Next - image Mouz
12.01.2014 20:00 CET image PR - image VP
12.01.2014 21:00 CET image Next - image PR
12.01.2014 21:00 CET image Mouz - image VP
After the qualification, two more spots in the main tournament will be distributed amongst the following teams: one will be chosen through a community poll and league officials will pick the other one.


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