D2CL Season 6: Coverage


Dota 2 Champions League is back! The matches of the new sixth season will be even more interesting and tense. Sixteen invited teams will be fighting over the prize pool of $ 50 000, which will increase due to the sale of tickets in Dota 2 shop.


The format of the tournament has been changed: it was decided not to conduct LAN final and Asian division. Therefore the sixth season of D2CL will be entirely held online. Only eight of 16 participants will get to the play-offs. We don't make predictions as it makes no sense. There are too many newly created mixes. Each team has great potential and the players can handle their opponents.

Ukraine Natus Vincere was placed in group B, along with International 4 Clover & LepriconSweden Ninjas in PyjamasGreece Golden Boys. This is one of the most dangerous groups, frankly speaking. The Swedish squad hasn't undergone any changes, and the "clovers" guided by a leprechaun has been demonstrating outstanding performance lately. As concerns the Greeks, this is Natus Vincere's chance for revenge for the TI 2015 Regional Qualifiers! Anyway, whatever group Ukraine Na`Vi gets in, they must win! Let's believe in them and support our guys!

Match schedule:
Time (CET) Маtch Match Page


Russian Federation Team Empire [0:2] International No Logic Gaming  
OVER Sweden Alliance [1:2] Russian Federation PRIES  
OVER International newteam [1:2] International Team Liquid  
OVER International (monkey) Business [2:0] Belarus ARCADE.PowerRangers  
OVER International Kaipi [2:1] International CIS Rejects  
OVER International 4 Clover & Lepricon [1:2] Sweden Ninjas in Pyjamas  
OVER International Team Liquid [2:0] International No Logic Gaming  
OVER Sweden Alliance [2:0] International Monkey Freedom Fighters  
OVER International (monkey) Business [2:1] International Kaipi  
OVER Ukraine Natus Vincere [0:2] Greece Golden Boys watch
22.10 / 20:00 CET Ukraine Natus Vincere VS  International 4 Clover & Lepricon watch


Group stage:

# Team Matches Maps
1. International Team Liquid 2-0 4-1
2. International No Logic Gaming 1-1 2-2
3. International newteam 0-1 1-2
4. Russian Federation Team Empire 0-1 0-2




# Team Matches Maps
1. Sweden Ninjas in Pyjamas 2-0 4-1
2. Greece Golden Boys 1-1 2-2
3. Ukraine Natus Vincere 0-1 0-2
4. International 4 Clover & Lepricon 0-1 1-2



# Team Matches Maps
1. Russian Federation HellRaisers 2-0 4-0
2. Russian Federation PRIES 1-1 2-3
3. Sweden Alliance 1-1 3-2
4. International Monkey Freedom Fighters 0-2 0-4
# Team Matches Maps
1. International (monkey) Business 2-0 4-1
2. International Kaipi 1-1 3-3
3. International CIS Rejects 0-1 1-2
4. Belarus ARCADE.PowerRangers 0-1 0-2

Tournament's format:

  • Group stage: 16 teams divided into 4 groups. Matches held in best of 3. 2 teams of each group will get to the play-off.
  • Play-off is played under single elimination system. The grand final and the match over the third place will be held in best of 5, other matches - in best of 3.


Prize pool

  • $ 50 000.


Ukraine Natus Vincere: PSM, Dendi, XBOCT, Funn1k, SoNNeikO
Russian Federation Team Empire: Resolut1on, ALOHADANCE, ubah, Silent, Fervian
International CIS Rejects: ARTES, Iceberg, Gorec, Vanskor, ALWAYSWANNAFLY
Sweden Alliance: Loda, AdmiralBulldog, s4, Akke, Mynuts
Sweden Ninjas in Pyjamas: Era, Limmp, jonassomfan, Handsken, Sealkid
Greece Golden Boys: Keyser Soze, Madara, SkyLark, Maybe Next Time, SKANKS224
International Kaipi: Beesa, ComeWithMe, bOne7, Asuna, Bufni
International 4 Clover & Lepricon: swiftending, Pajkatt, SexyBamboe, Saksa, EGM
Russian Federation HellRaisers: Dread, Afoninje, Shachlo, goddam, MeTTpuM
International Monkey Freedom Fighterts: SingSing, Ar1sE, PARIS, Yapzor, 7ckngMad
Russian Federation PRIES: TpoH, Barash, Miposhka, KaHT, Windx
Belarus ARCADE.PowerRangers: Ditya Ra, j4, Jackal, Bignum. chshrct
International (monkey) Business: Miracle-, BigDaddy, MoonMeander, Cr1t-, Fly

International Team Liquid: KuroKy, JerAx, MinD_ContRoL, MATUMBAMAN, FATA-

International newteam: Goblak, fn, Sedoy, yoky-, NoFear

International No Logic Gaming: Nikobaby, Niqua, ThuG, MiLAN, SsaSpartan


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