DAC 2017 Qualifiers: An unlucky defeat


After a solid victory yesterday, today InternationalNatus Vincere G2A played against InternationalB)ears; the first spot for the playoffs was at stake. Our guys tried their best, but due to an unfortunate series of events, we didn’t win the matchup. We will still have a chance to qualify, as in fact we will play the losers’ match on February 7th.


InternationalNatus Vincere G2A VS InternationalB)ears - [0:1]

Game 1 picks


The first blood happened at around two minutes, while our Sand King Sand King and Dazzle Dazzle wandered in the enemy’s jungle, to steal the camps stacked by Vengeful Spirit. In the easy lane, Pajkatt on Weaver Weaver was aided by Rubick Rubick, but he had to face Timbersaw, an almost impossible enemy to beat, once he levelled up Reactive Armor; but at the same time, he couldn’t contest our farm. In the offlane, all was smooth with the aggro duo-lane, where our Sand King Sand King secured more CS than B)ears’s Lifestealer.
At 8 minutes, GeneRaL moved in the offlane with Epicenter off cd, trying to gank Timbersaw Timbersaw, but he was alone and had to give up also on the tower once Lifestealer tped to help his teammates. At 11 minutes, we had a slight net worth advantage, but not enough to secure our late game. InternationalB)ears attempted a Roshan at 16, but of course Dendi had a trap in the pit so that we could see their movements at any time. Shortly after we tried to trade our top tier 2 tower with their tier 1 mid one, but they suddenly TPed back, blocking our actions - while waiting for our respawn, they also claimed the Aegis uncontested.
A big teamfight happened near our jungle, InternationalB)ears was forced to use the Aegis, we only lost two supports, and ultimately both teams retreated. A successful engagement in the mid lane increased Dendi’s kill count, who led the net worth with almost 16k gold at minute 27. Thanks to these successive fights, we restarted the game, while net worth so far was 8k in advantage for B)ears.
At 32, we crashed their bottom tier 2 towers, and then TPed back to stop the push in the mid lane. Our opponents kept split-pushing, while our guys, missing any real wave-clearer outside the cores and Dazzle Dazzle, focused more on team actions.
At 38 B)ears killed the Roshan - thanks to Slardar Slardar's damage amplification it went down in matter of seconds, there was no time to react. The situation was dire because they would have probably exploited it to start a teamfight and push our highground. They succeeded, picking off Templar Assassin and pushing the top lane. InternationalNatus Vincere bought back trying to stop them, but it was too late and both the top and mid barracks fell, and after a strenuous last defense, we called GG.

Game 1 score


InternationalNatus Vincere G2A VS InternationalB)ears - [0:2]

Game 2 picks


InternationalB)ears picked similar heroes in the second game, while InternationalNatus Vincere opted for an almost new lineup. Dendi was mid with Shadow Fiend Shadow Fiend, and overall his farm wasn’t shabby, considered that he was facing Queen of Pain constantly helped by the team’s roamers. The score was 4-5 at 9 minutes, and all our cores had a better farm, being in the top 4 of the net worth - still, the difference was small. At 10, we attempted the first push in the top lane, B)ears fortified and counter-attacked, but it was too late - they could only trade the tower with our Ogre.
At 20, the score was tied at 10-10, but the teamfights were scarce, most of the kills happened during isolated pickoffs. We pushed the offlane, destroying the tier 2 tower and killing Lifestealer Lifestealer and Axe Axe, and then retreated back to safety. Afterwards, InternationalNatus Vincere tried a smoke gank in the mid-lane, B)ears discovered us and retreated, so we exploited the situation to bring down an easy uncontested Roshan. With the Aegis, we forced our game, crushing the top tier 2 and 3 towers, but we didn’t risk a difficult fight in the highground.
The game slowed down, it was 31 minutes in and no team could advance further in the enemy base. Finally, a teamfight exploded at 37 near the Roshan’s Pit, but unfortunately we lost our supports and two cores in the battle. At around 40, B)ears pushed our offlane, bringing down the tier 3, but our guys were able to counterattack, killing four opponents, and soon afterwards moving in the enemy jungle, looking for a good opportunity to snatch another kill. Ultimately, we battled near the Radiant's Ancients, but the fight wasn't favourable to our team, and with 4 men down, InternationalB)ears rushed our base and won the second game.

Game 2 score

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#1 in Ankur_bcrec 6 February 2017, 11:02
Pajkatt needs to be more creative while drafting. There was no lock down in the last game. We haven't seen general faceless void in a while. We are just repeating the picks which is making us more predictable. What about Biver Chen or 4th position night Stalker or kunka/mirana Specter carry. Try exploring the unexplored in this meta. Going with the flow will not make any success to us.
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