DAC 2017 Qualifiers: Starting with a victory


Today, InternationalNatus Vincere G2A started a new adventure in the EU qualifiers for Dota 2 Asia Championships 2017. In the first Bo3, we faced InternationalTeam Secret, a mighty enemy that we have recently fought against in the past week. As always, our guys did their best to prevail, and ultimately the matchup ended 2-1 in our favour. The tournament will continue tomorrow with another Bo3 - the victory will bring us directly in the playoffs.


InternationalNatus Vincere G2A VS InternationalTeam Secret [1:0]

Game 1 picks


In the first game, InternationalTeam Secret decided to pressure one of their most formidable opponents, Dendi’s Tinker Tinker, and indeed they obtained a first blood with a 3 vs 1 gank in the first minute. Just after, they smoked mid and tried to get another kill, but this time our team was ready to react: rmN- instantly teleported as Slardar Slardar, chasing the opponents away and even attempting to kill Invoker. Afterwards, Secret understood that there was no more room for ganks in the mid lane, and moved their resources to their easy lane, where Pajkatt and Biver were properly executing an aggressive offlane.
Overall, lot of gank attempts in the first 10 minutes, but only a few were successful, bringing the number of deaths to a mere 6. Almost all the cores of both teams were farming pretty much undisturbed: it was a great situation for our Tinker and Luna, but the  Enigma Enigma, leading the net worth, could become a dangerous foe.
At 11.30, we opted for a smoke gank in the enemy jungle; our guys committed themselves in order to get space for Tinker Tinker. Three heroes were killed, increasing our gold lead, and finally stopping Enigma’s freefarm. InternationalNatus Vincere continued to farm, maintaining the control of the lanes, and exploiting any moment to push the lanes even further thanks to Tinker, stealing a tower in the process. 
A fight in the top lane, past minute 20, brought three more kills into our bag, while on the other hand we have only lost CM - the score tied to 11-11. The action flowed down to the Roshan’s Pit - InternationalSecret was back and tried to achieve revenge, losing again three heroes in the process. Luna Luna and Tinker Tinker’s advantage increased, with a net worth of 13k and 12k respectively. Later on, we focused the tier 2 tower, Secret attempt a defense but after losing a man they retreated in their base.
At 36, we grouped up in the bottom lane to destroy the barracks, Secret defended until their last man, and desperately fortified them. We brought the ranged one to 40hp, while the melee one was also extremely low, but ultimately we were forced to disengage to avoid useless deaths.
At 43 we smoked towards the Roshan, and after examining InternationalSecret’s placement on the map, we quickly claimed the Aegis. Our tactic continued with a long siege in the top lane, from which we traded the enemy’s tier 3 tower with Luna Luna. Meanwhile, both the bottom and mid lane barracks fell, so Secret was in a really dire situation. They showed a fierce defense, but it was futile, a final push in the top lane forced them to use their remaining buybacks, and InternationalNatus Vincere G2A scored the first win in the tournament.


Game 1 Score


InternationalNatus Vincere G2A VS InternationalTeam Secret [1:1]

Game 2 picks


Once again, InternationalSecret decided to focus their attention on Dendi, bringing down Templar Assassin Templar Assassin at minute 2. Shortly after, a fight exploded near the radiant bottom Shrine, Biver chased there the opponents who thought to get an easy kill, but our guys prepared an ambush - in the end, it didn’t go as expected, and both teams suffered losses. The score was 6-5 at minute 7; the game was more aggressive compared to the previous one, probably as a result of the hero selected to be our main carry - in fact, Pajkatt was playing Vengeful Spirit Vengeful Spirit.
A great 1 for 4 trade happened in our jungle at minute 10, and with just one opponent alive we easily destroyed the enemy offlane tier 1 tower. Our guys also exploited the situation to claim an easy uncontested Roshan. Secret smoked at 15, advancing in our jungle to catch by surprise one of our players, but no one was there. We were in their mid lane, the teams clashed on the ramp adjacent to the Radiant tier 2 tower, but we lost this teamfight, increasing the kill count of Phantom Assassin Phantom Assassin.
Afterwards, the Roshan fell again, but this time in Team Secret’s hands. The pace of the game slowed down, and Templar Assassin Templar Assassin tried to accumulate as much money as possible before the next clash. Finally, at 26, we moved in the offlane, killing the Aegis holder, but Secret fought back, winning the teamfight. We got revenge a couple of minutes later, trading our Vengeful Spirit for four enemy heroes. 
Roshan’s attempt at 32 minutes took place for Secret, but we knew what was happening and forced an engagement: both teams lost men, but Silencer Silencer snatched the Aegis. GeneRaL bought a Black King Bar, which drastically increased his survivability skills with Weaver Weaver, and the team exploited it for a pickoffs in the offlane. The score was 31-21 for Secret at 45 minutes, and InternationalNatus Vincere decided to smoke gank near the Radiant’s secret shop. Unluckily the whole enemy team was there, so they easily reacted, obtaining a team wipe and killing the Roshan. Our guys fortified, trying to defend until the last moment, but it was too late and InternationalSecret won game two.


Game 2 Score


InternationalNatus Vincere G2A VS InternationalTeam Secret [2:1]

Game 3 picks


The third match started in our favour with an early first blood, followed by a second kill before minute 4. The offlane was difficult, Axe Axe and Sand King Sand King were facing an aggressive trilane, but overall they held well. Pajkatt had uncontested farm in the easy lane; in fact the enemy Slardar spent most of his early game stacking and farming the adjacent jungle. At 7 minutes we also eliminated him with a tower dive by Weaver Weaver and Sand King - unluckily we couldn’t destroy the tower because InternationalSecret TPed to deny it.
We had a couple of unsuccessful fights, and the score tied to 6-6. At 14 we dived their tier 2 bottom tower, killing Phantom Assassin Phantom Assassin, but Secret reacted, bringing down a couple of our heroes. Disruptor Disruptor blocked us in his Static Storm, and ultimately the fight ended 3-4 in favour of Secret. Subsequently, they decided to commit for a Roshan, but InternationalNatus Vincere was back and blocked them, killing their carry yet another time and chasing the rest down. The Roshan fell, Dendi jumped into the Static Storm, claiming the Aegis, and using it to win the teamfight: 4 deaths for Secret, while our team suffered no casualties.
We have conquered the net worth list, with three heroes in the top 4, Templar Assassin Templar Assassin in clear advantage over PA, who was 3k gold behind. At 24 we wasted a smoke, trying to get a pickoff near the Radiant secret shop area; unfortunately, no one was nearby. We opted for a push in the top lane at minute 30, InternationalTeam Secret didn’t try to contest so we got an easy tier 2, and while retreating we also destroyed both of their shrines, gaining more space on the map.
A decisive teamfight near the enemy Ancient forced Secret on a very tough defense; without Static Storm and Global Silence they could just watch while their base was slaughtered, but InternationalNatus Vincere retreated after destroying a barrack - no risks allowed. Only some minutes later, we had another great teamfight, and with only Silencer left alive, we pushed to our heart's content: bottom and mid barracks were destroyed.
At 42, we sieged their top lane, getting the tier 3 tower and slowly attacking the barracks. Secret tried to defend, GeneRaL dominated on Axe Axe, both teams bought back multiple times, and ultimately we decided to disengage and wait for a better opportunity - only a single barrack left for Secret. Weaver Weaver still had the Cheese, so after regrouping a new fight exploded in the top lane, and utilizing a charge of Black King Bar, Weaver brought down the final rax. Stil, Team Secret didn’t call gg, but the game was decided. Our team kept pushing, ultimately penetrating into the enemy defenses, and InternationalNatus Vincere G2A won the first Bo3 of the tournament, with a 2-1 score!


Game 3 Score

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