The best games of Na`Vi: de_cache


In 2015, Natus Vincere have played 15 games on de_cache, picking it only in 6 % of all matches. It makes de_cache the least played map of the Born to Win. Let’s find out why it is so, and see what our players can do in case they can’t avoid picking it.


The most attentive fans who watch all matches of our CS:GO roster could witness 374 rounds on de_cache. 159 out of them ended in the Born to Win favor, with traditionally bigger number (61 %) won as CT. The overall victory percentage against top teams reaches 42 %, which is the lowest one out of all maps played by our team both online and on LANs. Such low numbers are one of the main reasons why Na`Vi’s captain and coach always veto this map first.


Out of 15 maps played by our cyber athletes, 11 were lost and only 4 ended with the victory. If Natus Vincere players succeeded in doing an open frag, they won the round in 70 % of the сases. Pistols have definitely been Na`Vi’s weak spot on de_cache. They have lost 60 % of them, ruining their own economy right from the start. 



Many professional squads analyze their opponents before playing against them. Most of our rivals are aware that this map is certainly one of the worst in the Born to Win map pool, and pick it whenever they have the chance to. In 2015, our players have lost their first de_cache against France EnVyUs at ESL One Katowice. After it, Ukraine Natus Vincere were defeated on it by Sweden fnatic, within the framework of CCS Kick-off Season. The third time in May, they have lost on it 10:16 against the French team France Titan at SLTV StarSeries XII Finals. Therefore, during that month, our guys were defeated on de_cache three times. By that time, many professional players and analysts have figured out that Na`Vi can’t play this map well, despite taking many rounds even against the top teams.


1 place — ESL ESEA Pro League Season 1
Ukraine Na`Vi against Germany Mouz, 25 May, group stage match

The first victory on de_cache happened at CCS Kick-off Season. Natus Vincere outplayed Germany PENTA with a smashing 16:3 score. After this win, Natus Vincere have lost it four times at various different tournaments. But anyway, they have managed to collect themselves and shown a solid performance against United States eLevate at FACEIT League 2015 Stage 2 (16:11). Later, on 27 May, the Born to Win encountered Germany mousesports on it. The match was held within the framework of European qualifiers for ESL ESEA Pro League Season 1. Our players had to play the bo1 match, and they have shown what they can be capable of on de_cache. This was the first best de_cache game in 2015!



2 place — ESL ESEA Pro League Season 2
Ukraine Na`Vi against Denmark SK, 15 September, group stage match


The second best Na`Vi’s de_cache match against Denmark SK at ESL ESEA Pro League Season 2 has been played quite recently. Two teams encountered each other in one of the first matches of the second season of European qualifiers for this tournament. Na`Vi rarely play against this Swedish team, especially on de_cache. Before the match, our players knew that they need to score points in the first games of the season, so they found a motivation to create a victorious mood going to their most hated map. Right from the pistol round, Slovakia GuardiaN has shown the wonders of great aim and astonished everybody with his shooting skills. And that was just the beginning!


3 place — CCS Kick-off Season Last Chance
Ukraine Na`Vi against GermanyPENTA Sports, 6 April, playoffs


The third best de_cache game is a win against PENTA Sports within the framework of CCS Kick-off Season PGL Championship Series Last Chance. The German team tried very hard in every single round, but they could do nothing against Na`Vi’s momentum. As a result, the Born to Win proved that they can play well on this map, but they need to pay more attention to de_cache practices and prepare different new rounds that will work against the top teams of the world.



The history of de_cache


De_cache is often played at many eSports tournaments. As many other maps, the biggest number of frags on it is done with AK47 (37 % out of all frags of pro players). The best pistols for it are glock and usp.


Today de_cache looks a lot more stylish than it originally looked in CS: Source


De_cache was developed by Volcano, the legend of world CS-community, and was aimed at CS:Source players. Initially, the T side was the stronger one on it. After CS:GO release, the author of the map has transferred it to the new engine and eventually agreed for its modification by other people. After some time, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive developers realized that this map has a great potential in competitive eSports. They decided to include it in the list of official tournament maps compiled by Valve. To make it happen, Volcano’s map has been modified with some in game changes and new textures. Later on, it appeared in CS as a part of Operation Bravo and Operation Phoenix. This way, de_cache became the first unofficial map that was used at the professional eSports tournaments.


de_cache matchmaking by Natus Vincere


To conclude the article, we recommend you to watch how certain Ukraine Natus Vincere players practice on de_cache. You can estimate individual skills of Russian Federation seized and Slovakia GuardiaN.


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