Best games of Na`Vi: Dust2


In 2015, Ukraine Natus Vincere played 57 matches on Dust2, which makes it one of the top 4 most frequently chosen maps for our team. We won 659 out of 1509 rounds in 57 games, and T-side was overall more successful (52 % of all round wins). The guys took 31 victories and were defeated 26 times. Statistics of their pistol rounds, though, is a bit unlucky: only 43 % rounds ended with a victory.


Open frags led to Na`Vi’s victory in 73 % of cases, no matter which side they were playing for. Slovakia GuardiaN with rating 1.2 is a true MVP of the map: he scored 1218 frags and helped his team take many important rounds. Russian Federation flamie, with 1117 kills, is not far behind him, especially considering that he managed to score the highest number of headshots, 53 %. He was killed the biggest number of times, though - 1042, followed by Ukraine Zeus - 1018 times. Another great headshot statistics was demonstrated by  Ukraine Edward (46,3 %).


3 place — DreamHack Open Cluj-Napoca 2015
Ukraine Na`Vi vs. Sweden NiP1 November 2015, semifinal match

Let's recall the DreamHack Cluj-Napoca semifinal decider, where our guys had to prove themselves after first de_train win against the Swedes. de_dust2 was SwedenNinjas in Pyjamas’ choice, so the battle promised to be quite intense. The Born to Win, however, took the initiative right from the start, and after Zeus’ miracle frags in one of the rounds, gained the momentum. Next rounds were played very quickly, as Natus Vincere representatives started demonstrating their strong skills, which eventually led to the loss of Swedish roster. Almost impeccable de_dust2 performance helped Na`Vi players get into the first major-tournament grand-final in team’s history.



2 place — Extreme Masters San Jose 2015
Ukraine Na`Vi vs. Team Liquid, 22 November 2015, semifinal match

This match with a final spot at stake started in favor of our team, as we won the first map. The Americans managed to show interesting tactical decisions and good shooting, thus making the match more exciting to watch. The majority of audience cheered for the American roster, so win seemed to be a very difficult task. Our team lost the first half, but, regardless, started gaining confidence to perform an incredible comeback. Ioann “Edward” Sukhariev and his 1 vs. 4 clutch largely contributed to the result, as it gave a mental boost to our players and helped them reach the final part.



1 place — ESL One 2015 Katowice
Ukraine Na`Vi vs. EnVyUs, 13 March 2015, quarterfinal match

This unreal clash was played right at the beginning of the year, at ESL One 2015 Katowice. Surprisingly, Ukraine starix played one of the leading roles in it. This match has become a great demonstration of  Slovakia GuardiaN’s power on de_dust2, as well as some great team's clutches and much more. Even though Slovakia GuardiaN vs. FranceHappy competition was the main highlight of the match, there are many more things to pay attention to.



de_dust2 history

de_dust2 is by far the most popular CS:GO map, the one with a huge number of interesting remakes, admired by many professionals and ordinary players. It was created by David Johnson in 1999 as a sequel to original de_dust. At the time of Counter-Strike alpha and beta stages it was introduced as de_dust3, since the initial version of de_cobble was considered the original map's successor and used its general idea and concepts. However, when Counter-Strike 1.1 was released and the popularity of the map rose, developers decided to use name de_dust2 for players not to get confused.




The map has proven very successful and, eventually, was even featured in Xbox version of the game. Later on, it was also added to Counter-Strike: Condition Zero and Counter-Strike: Source. The most recent version of the map has gone through some considerable changes, but still looks very familiar to the players, especially in terms of strategies amd tactics they use. Valve developers adapted it to the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive engine, added new textures and in-game objects (military equipment, boxes etc.), new wallbang and grenade spots. Today, this map is still one of the most used in matchmaking and games of professional players. 

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