Na`Vi's best games on de_inferno


De_inferno map is top 3 most of popular maps of Natus Vincere in 2015. The guys played 1 360 rounds on de_inferno, and won 731 of them. Most victories are made while playing CT (56 %), which is a powerful side for our team on most map. Therefore, Ukraine Natus Vincere win 53,75% of official matches on de_inferno, which is a great indicator. Our team won more often only on de_overpass and de_mirage.

The Born to Win played 49 games on de_inferno in 2015, which is 18 % of the total official maps played this year. The map was equally frequently picked at both online tournaments and LAN-finals. Our players celebrated the victory on de_inferno 27 times, while they lost 22 times. When they managed to make the first frag on this map, they won the round in 77,99 % of cases. The players win gun rounds on de_inferno more frequently than on any other map! Over 65% of gun rounds have been won on de_inferno this year. The best player on this map is /sk GuardiaN, with 1,1 rating.


1st place — SLTV StarSeries XIII
Ukraine Na`Vi vs. France EnVyUs, 21 June 2015, tournament's grand final

This one was the decide map of SLTV StarSeries XIII final, held in Kyiv. It was chosen France EnVyUs with the score of 2:1 Na`Vi winning. The match of Ukraine Natus Vincere began with 9 rounds lost in a row. Our players managed to pull themselves together and supported by Ukrainian fans make a fascinating comeback. The match will long be remembered by all the fans of the Born to Win: a couple of overtimes and powerful victory by Na`Vi on a map, which seemed to have been lost. It brought us to a Champion's title of SLTV StarSeries!



2nd place — FACEIT League 2015 Stage 1
Ukraine Na`Vi against Sweden Fnatic, 14 April 2015, group stage

An ordinary game in a group against the most powerful team of the world turned into an epic confrontation, which made the fans of both teams worry a lot. Losing a match in de_inferno, our players managed to even the score of the game. It took them 48 minutes to do it. Next was the most interesting: a series of outstanding overtimes. The Swedish players didn't expect that it could be played for such a long time — 45 minutes. The two teams played 59 rounds. If you are a true fan of the Born to Win, you must watch this game as it is one of the best performances of our team on de_inferno!



3rd place — ESWC 2015
Ukraine Na`Vi against United States Cloud9, 12 July 2015, Grand Final
the first map in bo3 series

Splendid game of our team. Beginning the final with an elimination of the rival at de_inferno is a Natus Vincere's champion's style. Due to the victory in the first map (choice of Na`Vi), our players got the moral advantage over United States Cloud 9, which however influenced the whole match and enabled them to become the World's Champions of ESWC. Surely this was one of the best Na`Vi plays at de_inferno in 2015. A must-watch match by Natus Vincere.



Short overview of the map's history

De_inferno was first introduced in Counter-Strike 1.1. Due to many interesting spots for skirmishes, its popularity had been growing since 2001, until it acquired the status of the most popular CS maps, though the developers changed it a bit in every new version of the shooter. In Counter-Strike 1.6 de_inferno was the top competitive map. However, a slightly changed version of the map from CS: Source got to CS:GO (it was then developed by Hidden Path Entertainment). Valve and Hidden Path Entertainment developers added a couple of new visual elements and removed the spots, which enabled long term campering for the players. That's how it entered to CS:GO, eventually the chickens were added in the streets.


Professionals most usually use ak47 on the current version of de_inferno. 37 % of all the frags in 2015 were made with this weapon. eSports athletes are equally good at shooting with all the guns on this map. However, the fewest frags were made with FN Five-seveN. France kennyS and France Happy performed the best on this map. The best teams of de_inferno are Ukraine Natus Vincere, Sweden FnaticFrance EnVyUsDenmark TSM.


Beautiful frags by Natus Vincere on de_inferno







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