The best games of Na`Vi: de_mirage


The most matches of Natus Vincere in 2015 were played on de_mirage. 20% of all their clashes happened on this map. The fans of the team were able to witness 1195 rounds, 668 of which were won. The greatest plays were shown while playing for the defense (the team traditionally plays well as CT). Therefore, Na`Vi have won 55,9% of their de_mirage games, which makes it their second best map (after de_overpass).


The Born to Win have played 48 official matches on de_mirage in 2015. 29 have ended in their favor, whereas 19 were lost. When the guys managed to do an open frag, they won the round in 76,64% of cases, no matter which side they were playing for.



1 place — Fragbite Masters Season 4
Ukraine Na`Vi vs. Denmark TSM, April 2015, group stage match

One of the most memorable Na`Vi games on de_mirage took place within the framework of Fragbite Masters Season 4, on 29 April, 2015. Natus Vincere players started their performance with a spectacular match against  Denmark TSM in the group stage. They have managed to win overpass with a 16:10 score, and then lost on de_inferno 16:8. de_mirage was chosen as a decider map, and both teams were obliged to show their best on it. The match was very close indeed, as the teams took turns winning important rounds. It’s safe to say that each and every round was crucial. Thanks to the strategies prepared beforehand and a huge playing experience, our guys have taken a win! The MVP players of this map were Russian Federation seized and Slovenia GuardiaN, who really stepped up and led their team to the victory.



Na`Vi had other interesting de_mirage matches, most of which were played against Swedish and Danish teams. We recommend all the Born to Win fans to rewatch the games vs. TSM. There were six of them in 2015, and each and every one turned out very intense. All in all, our map score vs. Team SoloMid is tied 3:3. de_mirage is one of the best maps of the Danish team, so it is always interesting to play against them. These games are a great example of why the competitive Counter-Strike is so popular right now.


2nd place — FACEIT League 2015 Stage 2
Ukraine Na`Vi vs. Denmark TSM, 29 June 2015, group stage match

There is no doubt that FACEIT League 2015 Stage 2 battle was extremely interesting, too. It was played at LAN-tournament, on the great stage of DreamHack Valencia. Motivated by applause of hundreds of viewers, Natus Vincere players started BO3 clash against TSM with de_mirage. The successful pistol round made the guys decide to play more openly and confidently. The match turned out very interesting and was full of great plays of both teams. Na`Vi has won a few extremely important rounds and taken a deserved lead.  Ukraine ZeusUkraine Edward and Slovenia GuardiaN  took the initiative and outplayed TSM not only with unexpected tactics, but also with their great shooting skills. The match featured many interesting moments, including a few aces from the Born to Win that were even included in fragmovie.



de_mirage matches against European teams do not always turn out as well as we want them to. For example, our players have lost to Sweden fnatic three times, but, on the other hand, have won against such teams as  Sweden Ninjas In Pyjamas and Sweden Publiclir. The game against the latter team was quite intense, as Na`Vi had to perform a comeback in the second half to win it. That is why such games are valuable: they show team’s spirit of champions. Recording of this match can be found on YouTube. Our CS:GO team often does comebacks, but sometimes the tide of the game is being turned by their rivals, as it was in matches vs.  Ukraine FlipSid3Poland Virtus.proFrance EnVyUs.


3rd place — ESWC 2015
Ukraine Na`Vi vs. Ukraine Flipsid3 Tactics, 12 July 2015, semifinal


 Sweden fnatic and Denmark TSM were two most uncomfortable rivals for Na`Vi in 2015. A few games against the Swedes have been very intense, and once our guys were even close to the victory, whereas the clashes against TSM have always been very close, and the result of the match depended on teamwork and morale. The easiest teams to win for us were  Denmark dignitas and United StateseLevate. The most important de_mirage win was taken in the ESWC 2015 semifinal. Our team wouldn’t win the entire tournament without this victory.




There were not that many beautiful matches on de_mirage in 2015. Most of the victories taken on it were achieved thanks to the great map understanding and team cooperation. We had many upsetting losses as well, but every single time the guys worked hard to fix their mistakes and proved that they are good on this map in the following matches. Now, when the fans see de_mirage in the map pick, they can be sure that the match will be really interesting. That is why we like it so much!

The history of de_mirage


de_mirage is one of the most popular maps in competitive CS:GO. We can see AK47 frags the most often, as they make 37% out of all frags of pro players. 18% and 12% rivals are shot with m4a1 with m4a1-S accordingly. AWP is also quite popular among professional players (11% of frags). The best pistol gun for this map is p250.

Initially, de_mirage was presented in CS 1.6 under the de_cpl_strike title. It was used at many American tournaments. Its developer Michael Hull stated that Sandstorm (Counter-Strike: Condition Zero Deleted Scenes) and de_dust2 have inspired him to create his own map. As a result, we’ve got the map, similar to Sandstorm in terms of style that included tactical spots and mechanics of de_dust2. After CS:GO release, Valve modified de_cpl_strike and added it to the list o official maps (12 June 2013). Its new version was named de_mirage and became widely used at many international tournaments.


Edward's ACE on de_mirage 


A nice first round by ceh9 on de_mirage

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