Recreation of de_nuke for Minecraft


Minecraft players have recently received a great chance to witness de_nuke, one of the oldest CS:GO maps, in their game. Its developer, Mythix13, says that his work is going to be included into the newest Minecraft modpack along with a few more maps, borrowed from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Thanks to Flan's Mod, each of them will feature cars, tanks, rifles, pistols and grenades, making the maps more realistic. So, this particular modpack must become a tiny version of Counter-Strike within Minecraft, an indie-game, popular among teens.



According to the comments of Reddit users, CS:GO players quite liked the realistic recreation of the map. In fact, Mythix13 spent over 15 hours during 3 days to turn his idea into a reality. He was inspired by the most recent version of de_nuke and used custom textures. In order to make map screenshots brighter, he used Continuum 1.0 Shaderpack. Currently, Mythix13 is planning to make Minecraft copies of some other popular CS:GO maps. If you are interested in finding more de_nuke screenshots, click here



Earlier attempts to recreate parts of the CS:GO universe did not go well, since they didn’t look as realistic, though some developers went even further and recreated different features of the game, e.g.  a classic buy menu and the process of planting the C4.


Minecraft is quite a popular game - it has sold more than 60 million copies across all platforms. In 2014, Minecraft was taken over by Microsoft for 2.5 billion dollars. Compare: all Counter-Strike games, in turn, have sold around 52 million retail copies, with its newest version, CS:GO, scoring 18 million figure. 


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