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Well-known map maker Shawn "FMPONE" Snelling has presented his newest artwork — de_santorini. The author of the map, also known as a creator of de_cache and de_season, found his inspiration in the landscapes of beautiful Greek island, washed by the Aegean Sea.


This virtual paradise can grow into the place of continuos CS:GO competition 


Similar map had already been used in Counter-Strike 1.6, but wasn’t included in the competitive list. The color scheme of the newer edition is a bit lighter, and many people consider it to be its main advantage. The textures of buildings and objects do not hinder the players from seeing each other, thus the map is more balanced and even. 



There is no doubt that this map will be included in the next operation presented by Valve


The author of de_santorini revealed that the planning and positions of the map are based on the schemes of de_mirage and de_dust2. It has mid-position, located within the same distance from T and CT-spawns, and works nicely with quick rotations from the sides of both defense and attack. The latter aspect has always been considered a weak spot of de_season, which was used in a few (mostly American) leagues, but didn't work out at more serious events. 


de_santorini: top view, map spots


At first glance, de_santorini seems to be a bit difficult and even confusing, but in reality its scheme is fairly simple and features three internally connected lanes.


Meanwhile, Valve is selecting the maps for the upcoming operation. Submissions will be accepted until 9 November, and there is no doubt that colorful de_santorini will win its deserved chance to shine. You can download the map here. 


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