December tournaments schedule revealed

It's less than a month till the end of 2011 but we are not going for christmas vacation yet. We have two major tournaments scheduled for December, 2011 with image DotA 2 Star Championship coming in Kiev CyberSport Arena on December, 8-10th. image Na`Vi.DotA were invited for the championship as two-time DotA 2 world champions and will compete for $20 000 overall prize pool together with such teams as image fnatic.MSI, image SK Gaming, image, image Garaj Gaming.

DotA 2 Star Championship participants so far:

  • image Na`Vi.DotA (Puppey, XBOCT, Dendi, LightofHeaven, TBA)
  • image Garaj Gaming (NS, GoD*, Santa, ARS-ART, illidanstr)
  • image SK-Gaming (miGGel, AngeL, Link, Ryze, CalculuS)
  • image The Elder Gods (ComeWithMe, ppasarel, Lyon, Freezer, Coco, s0ny)
  • image Fnatic.MSI (g0g1, ANdre, Mitch, grizine, BAJA-)
  • image (Mantis, eQual, LuCky, R_O_N_I_N, Storm)

Prizepool distribution:

  • 1st place - $10 000
  • 2nd place - $5 000
  • 3rd place - $3 500
  • 4th place - $1 500


Just in a week on December, 17-18th,  new gaming center Samsung CyberZone in Kiev will host a winter edition of  imageimage ASUS Cup that will be attended by our Counter-Strike, DotA and FIFA players.  image Na`Vi.CS were invited for the CS 1.6. Masters tournament while image Na`Vi.DotA will compete in DotA 1 open tournament for 32 teams.

Tournaments schedule and overal prizepool:

  • Counter-Strike 1.6 5v5 Masters (16 teams) - total prizepool 225 000 RUB
  • DOTA 2 5v5 Open (32 teams - total prizepool 125 000 RUB
  • FIFA 2012 1v1 (64 teams) - total prizepool 25 000 RUB

As usual we will be doing a live coverage from both events here at with image Natus Vincere starting their first tournament tomorrow at DreamHack Winter 2011!

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