Dendi in charity tournament


I’m sure a lot of you have already heard about the Dota 2 Celebrity Couples Challenge – but for those of you who haven’t – it’s basically a 2v2 tournament featuring Dendi, Merlini, Jeyo and their respective lovers (with the only couple being an expection (for now ;)) – furryfish and Dendi. All those awesome people will be fighting each other for the sake of your entertainment and a simple common cause – gathering up some money for charity.

The first ones to start the tourney will be furryfish and our very own Dendi squaring off against coL’s Jeyo and his girlfriend Daisy. The single elimination bracket awaits, the teams’ tournament life will be at stake in all of the matches as there is no second chance. The played heroes will be drafted via simple text message exchange in a private lobby following the order: Team 1 ban > Team 2 ban> Team 1 pick > Team 2 Pick, times two. (Some of you might remember the good old times when there wasn’t actually a CM mode in Dota 1!)

What better day to do the ‘challenge’ than Sunday? Get your drinks and popcorn ready, be sure to tune in to the streams at 17.00 CET to do some virtual Mexican waves for our Dota 2 mastermind and enjoy some Dota!

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