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Recently Ukraine Na`Vi and Aviasales had a promo event where fans played against prominent Dota 2 players. Ukraine Danil "Dendi" Ishutin was one of the invited stars. In a short interview to journalist, Dendi talked about the new roster, MMR, WESG and the upcoming major in Kyiv.


The new line-up

"It was the management [that picked the players]. They did it all. Nevertheless, they did inform us. On the whole, I feel comfortable [with  Biver,  Pajkatt and  rmN-], have no problems.The guys are open and ready to listen. On our turn, Vitia and myself are ready to listen too. We can point at any mistakes to each other, we can take it calmly. So everything is fine in this aspect so far".


Speaking English

"We have no problems in speaking English. On the contrary, this brings in some kind of a zest, since it's fun to listen to Vitia: he would say a couple of words in English and then add a word in Russian. Everyone laughs. We teach them our words and vice versa. So far everything is cool, funny, and we have no problems".



"For me this was the tournament, where we played as a national team. We wanted to perform well and to show our power. However, we couldn't prepare to the event for particular reasons; never were all 5 players online at the same time. So the results are obvious: all top 8 teams are the teams, all the teams that didn't get to top 8 are mixes".


Why Resolut1on's strategies didn't work...

"I can understand Roma. Before coming to WESG, he has played at ESL One Genting, he won the tournament with his team. So he must've expected that we could adjust quickly or adapt to the way Digital Chaos played, or play similarly. However, obviously, it couldn't happen, since all the players are different, all people are different and everyone has different playstyle. So we coulnd't establish contact, even trying to follow Roma's requests, the people couldn't play the way DC played in particular situations". 


The tournaments before The Kiev Major

"Playing other tournaments is above all the preparation for us. We are a very "raw" team. This is only the beginning and we need to find our play, train strategies and gain experience. This is impossible without the tournaments. That is why we participate in the tournaments. I think it is good for every team. There's a different situation when you have something to lose. The goal is to win. This is the initial goal, but one needs to estimate his powers adequately. We will try to show our top play. We'll see in time if we manage to win".



Na`Vi in European qualifiers

The thing is that Roma (rmN- — edit. note) has dual citizenship, so we can play both as CIS and European team. The organizers of DAC didn't ask us about our opinion. However, I think we have the right to choose, it's fair. On the other hand, I am glad we play in European qualifiers of DAC, since the level of European qualifiers will be a bit higher than that of CIS. I don't want to offend anyone, but they simply have more strong teams. So the task is hard, but the practice is better.


7, 8 and 9k MMR

"I think that this is the most dramatic topic for community. Many young guys think that MMR matters and they play to increase it. However, in reality, MMR plays minor role in team play. Many would say that Newbee has 9k players who perform well, Evil Geniuses also got 9k players who perform well. On the other hand, we can recall the team who perform well despite small MMR. For example, OG doesn't have big MMR as far as I know. So in my opinion MMR doesn't play key role in the teamplay. On the other hand, what MMR really indicates is the quantity of games played, the time spent playing Dota 2 and the efforts of a player. Raising MMR is no easy task. It's rather hard. You need to play your the best heroes, be calm, you shouldn't tilt. As far as I know, the biggest winrates of players are 55-60%, even 9k players are unlikely to have bigger winrate. That is to say, this is the average winrate. To achieve 9k with such a winrate, for example to increase from 8 to 9k, you need to play, I don't know... 500, 1000 games? You just need to play a lot. If you play a lot on your best heroes and are psychologically stable (i.e. you don't tilt, etc.), your MMR will keep growing. Little by little it'll grow. It all depends on the quantity of games, on how much you play. And that's where MMR really matters, since you play a lot, and thus we will do some things automatically. You will have more "space" for ingame decision making. This way you will be different form a player who has lower MMR. However, team Dota is absolutely different.



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