Interview with Dendi at TI 2017


Ukraine Natus Vincere G2A's midlaner Danil 'Dendi' Ishutin took part in a special Dota 2 match against artificial intelligence and shared his impressions in a post-game interview with RuHub. We’ve summarized its key points for your reading pleasure. 



On his loss to AI


“To be honest, it is a bit sad. I came to The International to battle in a 1v1 matchup and lost to a bot. Sad”


How to win against the bot?

“It is possible, but you have to play a very clean game and know exactly what you should do next; 1v1 is very different from 5v5. As the bot appears in the lane, it starts pushing and last-hitting straight away, as it wishes to get levels 2 and 3 as quickly as possible to start dominating.


A cool thing about this bot is the way it uses the courier: right after getting 50 gold, it buys an Iron Branch; each time it has 110 gold, it picks up a Healing Salve. And it does that automatically, whereas I have to think first – in 5v5 you don’t have to use the courier that often, while here you spend everything on salves to get the full health. Overall, it is possible to defeat him, but he is very sick.“


On getting revenge


“Perhaps I could do it, provided I would be given a bit more time. It is actually very interesting.“


On the bot's use in the future


“He is a perfect sparring partner. Why would you want somebody else when you have him?“


On Pudge winning arcana


“Honestly, I voted for both final heroes. Rubick is also a great hero, and I think his arcana would look really cool.“

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