TOP 5 Dendi plays in 2015


Few days ago, we've all seen through top plays made by UkraineNatus Vincere Dota 2 squad in all "The International's". Today, we'll shift our focus from plays made at TI's to plays made at different major events. We'll be posting top plays made by the current Na'Vi roster in the year 2015 on an individual basis. Without further ado, we present you UkraineDanil 'Dendi' Ishutin.


Major All Stars (Triple kill on Shadow Fiend)



What's better than Dendi on Shadow Fiend? In this game against Invasion, Dendi gets a triple kill against the SEA powerhouse with great assist from Goblak and his Earthshaker.


XMG Captains Draft Season 2 (Dendi on Timbersaw)



In the above video, we get to witness a complete teamwipe of 4 Anchors + Sea Captain by Natus Vincere in a classic aggressive play with a rare appearance of Dendi's Timbersaw.


StarSeries XI (Double ultra kills on Dendi's Puck)



In this video, you'll get to see some fabulous plays coming from Dendi's Puck. Double ultra kills with the second set of ultra kills coming from some amazing Dream Coil placement.


XMG Captains Draft Season 2 (Storm Spirit Aegis steal and Roshan kill)



This game has all the elements of classic Dendi play. Aegis steal by Dendi on Storm Spirit and also a Roshan kill. Witness this epic clash and dream of becoming like Dendi (only dream since there's only 1 Dendi).


XMG Captains Draft Season 2 (Marvellous Dendi play on Magnus against Alliance)



We once again head into the second season of XMG Captains Draft where we can see Dendi playing Magnus. You'll witness some absolutely fantastic play done by Dendi on Magnus (probably his best play on Magnus this year) that too against Alliance.


(Author credit: Tyler)

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