Dendi Templar Assassin - 70% Win Rate!


Our Dota 2 team recently defeated GermanySTARK in SL i-League European Qualifiers, winning 2-0 in a Bo3. Our goleador, UkraineDanil «Dendi» Ishutin, was on his famous Templar AssassinTemplar Assassin, helping to secure the victory with an amazing performance. He had a great game 1, with a flawless 8-0-10, followed by a solid second game, scoring 11-2-9. If you are impressed by his outstanding performance, then you should know that TA is one of Dendi’s best heroes of all time. According to DatDota’s statistics, he has yet to lose a game on TA in this patch, and has an overall win rate of 70% over 67 competitive games, along with a 500 GPM on average.
It should therefore be of no surprise that Dendi is so successful on TA, as we believe that she completely fits his playstyle. TA is able to dominate the lane alone against many mid heroes, and can easily snowball out of control by aggressively ganking the side lanes. On this hero, Dendi is most able to showcase his talent, experience and mastery as a mid-laner and ganker.
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In v6.85, the most popular skill build for this hero in competitive games focuses on maxing Refraction Refraction and Psi Blades Psi Blades in the first 7 levels, taking Trap Trap at level 6, and ignoring Meld Meld until later. Dendi, instead, deviates from the norm by taking only 1 point in Psi Blades at level 2, while taking a point of Meld at level 4. 
Standard v6.85 Skill Build                                            Dendi Skill Build
RefractionPsi BladesRefractionMeldRefractionTrapRefraction     RefractionPsi BladesRefractionPsi BladesRefractionTrapRefraction
Meld is a versatile skill that can be used both defensively and offensively. The invisibility that Meld provides can help TA survive a gank in the early game, while the bonus damage and armor reduction are good for harassing or increasing physical damage against a single enemy target – handy if you have offensive roaming supports. Dendi prioritized this particular skill build in every patch, using it in 74.4% of his total games with an impressive 66% win rate. Why don’t you give this build a try too!
Na`Vi Teamplay vs Stark
Dendi’s item build for TA highlights his aggressive playstyle on the hero. He prefers buying Phase Boots on her, going for Treads over Phase in only 12 games over 61. He has never bought an Eul’s Scepter on TA, while Black King Bar and Blink Dagger are part of his core setup. In order take full advantage of TA’s potential, Dendi plays a very aggressively build during the mid-game, buying items such as Desolator and Daedalus to maximise damage output. He then goes for a Manta Style, a multipurpose item that not only increases his damage, but can also be used to disjoint incoming projectiles or dispel silences, increasing TA’s survivability. Dendi doesn’t build survivability items like the Assault Cuirass or the Helm of the Dominator on TA. Rather, he focuses on his destructive role, and trust in his team and experience to protect and keep him alive in fights.
UkraineNatus Vincere will play against Russian FederationHellraisers in Starladder i-League this Sunday, 29th November at 1700 CET. Do you wish to see Dendi on his Templar Assassin again? Meanwhile, take a look at the results of our last victory!
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