Dendi in Seattle: Day Four



There is only one day left before the kickoff of the first The International 2015 matches. Our mid-laner — UkraineDanil 'Dendi' Ishutin —  continues shooting interesting videos for the fans. Let's watch what he was doing on the fourth day in Seattle!


Even though Ukraine Yana 'b2ru' Khymchenko refused to hug Danil, she agreed to perform a unique dance. 


«Dendi on The International. Day 4. Part 1»


Later Danil showed off his great table tennis skills while playing against UkraineRoman 'CaspeRRR' Lepokhin,


«Dendi on The International. Day 4. Part 2»


At the end, he encouraged his fans to start playing Dota 2 and send screenshots with their wins to UkraineVitalii 'v1lat' Volochai's Twitter. Oh, it's just Danil being Danil!


«Dendi on The International. Day 4. Part 3 (JUST DO IT)»

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