Dendi sets a new world record


Even though the group stage performance of the Born to Win wasn’t completely satisfying, one of our players managed to set a new world record. UkraineDanil ‘Dendi’ Ishutin has broken both International records set earlier by famous Chinese gamer ChinaFerrari_430, reaching the highest KDA ratio in a single match.


KDA ratio is a total number of kills, deaths and assists of one player in one match. The previous best result was set in 2012 when Ferrari_430 managed to reach 33 KDA in 28-minute game, playing Templar AssassinTemplar Assassin. A bit later, he repeated this score at The International 2014. Dendi (Queen of Pain Queen of Pain), in his turn, managed to outdo the Chinese player on a mid-lane in a group stage match against MalaysiaFnatic, finishing his best (so far) game at The International 2015 with a 20–0–15 (35 KDA) score. It means that he did 20 frags and helped his teammates 15 times, without a single death.


Considering such a great achievement, Dendi receives our own title as the most effective player of this year’s group stage. Even though our team showed quite bad performance in general, certain individual results of our players prove that they are well-prepared and able to compete!


You can watch the match where a new record of The International has been set, below, right under the video with Dendi`s best Queen of Pain Queen of Pain frags.



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