Dreamhack Summer 2012 Coverage - Day 2



Welcome to the Day Two of image Dreamhack Summer 2012 coverage by www.navi-gaming.com! Saturday brought us some action with the first two DOTA 2 groups and BYOC qualifiers that decided our final opponents in both tournaments. That said, image Na`Vi.DOTA will compete with image Cop Top, image MAD and image CLG while image Na`Vi.CS will face image fnatic, image Moscow 5 and image zNation. Our both teams start their matches after 14:00 CET which makes it perfect time for you to get prepared and follow your favorite game together with us!

Do not also forget that we also do lots of photos and video content from the event, so check out these links:



The official DOTA 2 videostream:



Counter-Strike 1.6 Stream by GreatFrag


Latest updates from Jonkoping by Na`Vi


23:48 - image mTw is the second team to advance through to the Semi Finals! We're done with the coverage for today, see you tomorrow for our game against image Darer and image EG's match against image aL !

23:36 - image Mouz 2:0's image CLG and moves on to the Semi finals of the Dreamhack Summer 2012 Dota 2 tournament. image mTw are 1 up against image Quantic and leading with 29-17 in the second game. We will keep you updated! 

22:10 - image Mouz take a lead in the bo3 after an impressive game one against image CLG! The second game is coming up shortly! Also, we have a photogallery from Day 2 which you can find HERE!

21:22 - A new video is up for you guys! We talked to image Virtus.Pro talents Lex and Kucher, click CC in YouTube player for English subtitles:



19:51 - image EG and image mTw move on to the playoffs, image SIB and image DN are out of the tournament! We'll have some awesome matches in an hour time - image CLG will be facing image mouz while image Quantic will have to meet with image mTw. Woo, exciting stuff! Matrim will be playing against his ex teammate syndereN!


18:50 - image EG vs image SIB and image mTw vs image DN up next!


18:41 - image mTw win against image EG in a convincing fashion. We've got an interview with mTw's captain - image syndereN that we did earlier! Enjoy!


17:28 image Na`Vi loses 9 to 16 to image fnatic on de_mirage. Playoff semifinals will be as following, starting tomorrow morning:


Monday, 10:00 CETimage Na`Vi vs image Virtus.Pro @ bo3
Monday, 10:00 CET - image fnatic vs image ESC Gaming @ bo3


16:55 - And some DOTA 2 video, our guys versus image CLG:



16:44 image Na`Vi.CS expectedly beat image zNation and advances to the playoff. The match versus image fnatic that is coming in 15 min will decide whom we will meet tomorrow in the playoff. If image Na`Vi wins today, they will meet image ESC Gaming. If image fnatic prevails, we will play against image Virtus.Pro.


16:41 - Did you actually know that our DOTA 2 guys are the biggest trolls out there? If you didn't simply watch these two videos:


Interview with Dendi by JoinDota.com (your attention at 2:03 timeline mark)
Interview with Puppey by GosuGamers.net (your attention at 3:02 timeline mark)


16:28 image Moscow Five is no match to image fnatic as they lose on de_nuke with 3 to 16 score and have next to zero chances to join the playoff. We also got some new CS videos for you:




15:32 image Na`Vi.DOTA wins the groupstage and will now wait for Group D to complete to know their opponent in the quarterfinal. 2 out 4 playoff matches in DOTA 2 will be played tonight. Meanwhile image Na`Vi.Counter-Strike also won their match versus image Moscow 5 on de_tuscan to score the first 3 points in Group B. We also have few new CS videos for you:







14:06 - Our DOTA 2 team wins second match and secures a spot in the play-off. Meanwhile our Counter-Strike team is about to start their first match versus image Moscow 5. Tune in to the CS 1.6 stream!


13:42 image Na`Vi.DOTA vs image CLG is live. Picks:

Natus Vincere: Enigma, Night Stalker, Invoker, Venomancer, Beastmaster
CLG: Slardar, Broodmother, Windrunner, Earthshaker, Shadow Demon


13:33 - Group A Counter-Strike matches are now over and the result is pretty amazing. Losing both to image ESC Gaming and image Virtus.Pro, image SK Gaming is now out of the tournament, while Virtus.Pro with 2 wins and 1 tie record win the group and join the semifinal together with 2nd rank Poles. Group B with image Na`Vi matches starts within the next 30-45 minutes.


13:18 - An interview with Na`Vi.Edward has been added, please click CC for English subtitles:



13:00 image Na`Vi.DOTA and image CLG starts with victories, next round starts in 30 minutes: teams facing each other.


12:50 image Virtus.Pro beating image SK Gaming live match, in-game footage:



12:23 - This may sound shocking as it really is, but image Virtus.Pro continues its stampede and literally trashes out multiple World Champions image ESC Gaming with 16 to 4 score on de_inferno and now almost guarantee themselves a spot in the semifinals. Meanwhile DOTA 2 match is starting with image Na`Vi fighting image Cop Top.


11:33 - And here comes the first surprize as image SK Gaming loses 14 to 16 to BYOC winner image Virtus.Pro on de_train!


10:30 - Counter-Strike 1.6 matches have now started and English stream by GreatFrag has been added to our coverage.


10:00 - Interview with Na`Vi.Puppey with English subtitles:



Sunday, June 17th - Group D & C


Group A Schedule Result
Group G W T L +/- P
image mouz #1  3  3        9
image Keita  3      3    0
image TTB  3  1    2    3
image Darer #2  3  2    1    6
image mouz [1:0] image Keita
image Darer [1:0] image TTB
image mouz [1:0] image TTB
image Darer [1:0] image Keita
image Darer [0:1image mouz
image Keita [0:1image TTB


Group B Schedule Result
Group G W T L +/- P
image Infused 3 1   2   3
image Quantic #2 3 2   1   6
image aL #1 3 3   0   9
image 4FC 3 0   3   0
image Infused [1:0] image 4FC
image Quantic [0:1] image aL
image Infused [0:1image aL
image Quantic [1:0] image 4FC
image Infused [0:1image Quantic
image 4FC [0:1image aL


Group C Schedule Result
Group G W T L +/- P
image CLG #2  3  2    1    6
image Na`Vi #1  3  3        9
image MAD  3  1    2    3
image Cop Top  3      3    0
-over- image Na`Vi [1:0] image Cop Top
image CLG [1:0] image MAD
image Na`Vi [1:0] image CLG
image Cop Top [0:1image MAD
image Na`Vi [1:0] image MAD
image CLG [1:0] image Cop Top


Group B Schedule Result
Group G W T L +/- P
image mTw #1  3  3    0    6
image EG #2  3  2    1    3
image DN  3  1    2    3
image SiB  3  0    3    0
image EG [1:0] image DN
image mTw [1:0] image SiB
image EG [0:1image mTw
image SiB [0:1image DN
image EG [1:0] image SiB
image mTw [1:0] image DN



 image mouz (SingSing, SexyBamboe, 1437, Black, CWM)
 image TTB (Balsam, CalculuS, s4, Link, henrydickenson)
 image Darer (ArtStyle, God, Mag~, Funn1k, Go[blin])
 image Keita (bonzaj, Niqua, Wall-eater, Pinoy, Quix)
 image Infused (Wagamama, Mini, Doni, Reesion, Fishbone)
 image AL (Snoopy, bLeek, xMusica, blackshatan, Godot)
 image Quantic (Korok, Solara, PAINTITGOLD, Lasthitmagic, Matrim)
 image Na`Vi (Smile, Puppey, Dendi, XBOCT, LightOfHeaven)
 image CLG (Akke, Lacoste, Mirakel, Pajkatt, Misery)
 image mTw (syndereN, 7ckngMad, Socks, Funzii, Kebap)
 image EG (Maelk, Fear, Demon, Bulba, Universe)
 image 4FC (strangby, Eresloco, Chrilee, alx, boom )



Sunday, June 17th


Group В Schedule Result
Group G W T L +/- P
image ESC Gaming #2  3  2    1    6
image SK Gaming  3    1  2    1
image WinFakt  3    2  1    2
image Virtus.Pro #1  3  2  1      7
image SK Gaming [14:16image Virtus.Pro
image ESC Gaming [16:11] image WinFakt
image SK Gaming [15:15] image WinFakt
image ESC Gaming [04:16image Virtus.Pro
image SK Gaming [12:16image ESC Gaming
image WinFakt [15:15] image Virtus.Pro


Group B Schedule Result
Group G W T L +/- P
image Na`Vi #2  3  2    1    6
image fnatic #1  3  3        9
image Moscow Five  3  1    2    3
image zNation  3      3    0
image fnatic [16:02] image zNation
image Na`Vi [16:12] image Moscow Five
image fnatic [16:03] image Moscow Five
image Na`Vi [16:07] image zNation
image fnatic [16:09] image Na`Vi
image Moscow Five [16:02] image zNation




image Natus Vincere - markeloff, Edward, starix, Zeus, ceh9
image Moscow Five - Dosia, ed1k, Fox, hacker, ROMJkE
image ESC Gaming - Neo, kuben, TaZ, Loord, pasha
image Winfakt - threat, niko, FYRR73, kHRYSTAL, zneel 
image SK Gaming - GeT_RiGhT, f0rest, face, RobbaN, trace
image fnatic - Xizt, Gux, MODDII, Friis, karrigan
image zNation - Aerodynamic, hondroz, liTTle, redman, wAke
image Virtus.pro - evil, hooch, kucher, LeX, xaoc


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