One million dollars for CS:GO


eSports Project  Manager at DreamHack, Marc Winther has announced the prize pool of CS:GO competitions for 2016. The total sum is ten times as much as the sum announced before. CS:GO players will be awarded $ 1 000 000 in total at all DreamHack events during the proceeding 12 months. The prize pool of each DH event will be announced later.
The organizers of DreamHack previously announced that CS:GO would remain one of the main titles in 2016. Now they've confirmed their intentions by announcing the prize pool of the competitions. Seven DH cups are planned to be held all around the world during the year. The first CS:GO tournament will be held at DreamHack Leipzig (22–24 January).
There's a chance that one quarter of the total prize pool will be granted to the participants of DreamHack Masters (Stockholm, Sweden), which hasn't been announced yet. The prize pool of the two tournaments of the series were held last year with total prize pool of over $ 100 000. Many pro players would like to keep this format in 2016. Should Valve decide to sponsor one of DH cups, the prize pool will increase and the games will be even more spectacular!

The schedule of DreamHack Open tournaments in 2016 


  •  DreamHack Leipzig — from 22 till 24 January
  •  DreamHack Bucharest — from 22 till 24 April
  •  DreamHack Austin — from 6 till 8 May
  •  DreamHack Tours — from 14 till 16 May
  •  DreamHack Summer — from 18 till 21 June
  •  DreamHack Cluj Napoca — from 7 till 9 October
  •  DreamHack Winter — from 24 till 27 November
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