CS:GO major results


Natus Vincere players have finished their successful DreamHack Cluj-Napoca run in second place. /sk Ladislav «GuardiaN» Kovacs was named to be the best player of the entire event, leaving such cyber athletes as  France kennySSweden flushaFrance Happy and Poland Snax behind. 11 maps were played and 7 won by our guys over the course of the group stage and playoffs. Natus Vincere have managed to score 1 018 frags in 279 rounds. /sk GuardiaN with 246 kills became the MVP of the team, closely followed by Russian Federationseized with 205 frags.


de_cobblestone and de_train were two most frequently played maps of the tournament, but the best statistic of winning was scored by our team on de_dust2. In fact, two extremely important wins in playoff matches were taken there. The group stage went quite well for Ukraine Natus Vincere, who ended up in one group with such teams as  United States CLGDenmark dignitas and France EnVyUs. The American mix CLG presented the first challenge, but our players quickly overcame it with a 16:12 score on de_cobblestone. The next match was played against EnVyUs, and even though the Born to Win showed quite a nice performance, they anyway lost with a 7 round deficit on de_mirage. In the decider match they once again encountered CLG, and the Americans were defeated on de_train and de_inferno.


The first playoff rival to be encountered was Luminosity, the team that often attends European tournaments. Intense clash ended in favor of Natus Vincere after two maps, de_dust2 and de_overpass. Until then, a few favorites of the event had already been eliminated, namely  Denmark TSMSweden fnatic and Poland Virtus.pro. The Swedes from NiP waited for our boys in semifinal. Even before the match and tournament overall, Ukraine Zeus mentioned on his streams that he knows how to play against them. The Swedes were defeated with a demolishing score on de_dust2 and de_train. These games certainly went down in the history of our CS:GO team, since they led them into the first major grand-final in three years. We were also the first CIS roster to make it to the final part of such a prestigious tournament.





The final clash of DreamHack Cluj-Napoca in Romania was truly spectacular. The match has gathered the record number of over 930 000 viewers. The Born to Win were doing their best to win the match against the French players, and felt the same efforts in response. They have managed to make an incredible comeback on the first map, but unfortunately lost one round away from overtimes. Such an unlucky start made Ukraine Na`Vi feel a bit shaky, since after all de_train was their map pick, so on the second map, de_cobblestone, they couldn’t play how they expected to.


Overall, the second place is a great achievement that made all fans of Ukraine Na`Vi happy and proud. Of course, there is still a lot to work on, and our guys will practice really hard to perfect some of their weaker maps. At DreamHack they have proven how strong their team is and how skilled they are. The next major tournament will fold up in four months, and all fans expect even greater plays from the Born to Win!

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